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Pirates, Sea Monsters, and… Spaceships? ‘Sundered Isles’ Brings Adventures To ‘Starforged’ RPG

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Apr 2 2024

Sundered Isles is a seafaring expansion for the sci-fi RPG Ironsworn: Starforged. Pirates, swashbucklers, and spooky islands await!

Pirates are back in a big way. It’s time to hoist the mainsail and figure out what the heck a mizzenmast is because pirate RPGs are making a huge splash right now. It’s not hard to see why, either. Shows like Our Flag Means Death have reignited a love of the briny deep and the adventurers thereupon.

This is exactly what you’ll get to explore in Sundered Isles, a seafaring expansion for the Ironsworn: Starforged RPG, which is itself a sci-fi iteration of Ironsworn, a Viking fantasy-type RPG.

Regardless of which version of this system you’re playing, designer Shawn Tomkin has worked out some of the best rules for games and solo play out there. These games leap forward the dice system of something like Powered by the Apocalypse, giving you plenty of levers to play with while telling your narrative-driven RPG stories.

Sundered Isles

Sundered Isles has already shattered most of its goals and is ready to deliver swashbuckling adventure to you—but there’s more to it than just nautical adventures.

Sundered Isles is an expansion for the Ironsworn: Starforged tabletop roleplaying game. It includes new gameplay and character options, inspiring worldbuilding exercises, and a vast array of tools and random generators for a fantasy Age of Sail setting. 

This is a realm of wind and tide, mariners and marauders, rebels and empires, myths and magic. In pursuit of your sworn vows, you will chart a path through turbulent waters, venture across forbidding landscapes, fight desperate battles on land and sea, delve forsaken sites, and visit distant ports. Over time, you will grow to command a great ship and loyal crew, standing fast against dreadful and tyrannical forces that threaten to sweep like a maelstrom across these far-flung islands.

Sundered Isles began as a digital stretch goal in the Starforged Kickstarter campaign, but grew well beyond [the] original imaginings. As promised, backers of that campaign will receive the Digital Edition for free. This campaign is to fund an offset print run for a pair of Sundered Isles Guidebooks and the Sundered Isles Character Asset Deck.

Sundered Isles is also basically done at this point. Backers should receive the digital version of the game around two weeks after the campaign concludes (in just over two days), while the physical rewards are soon to follow.

If you’ve never played Starforged or Ironsworn, you’re missing out on a system that invites everyone at the table to create the world and its twists and turns. You can also play traditional style with a GM if that’s what you like. Either way, Sundered Isles has plenty of options for a variety of settings, including as a collection of new assets for Starforged and in its own right.


Avast and set sail!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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