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Play as a Vampire Lord or a Void Knight in 5E and More From Kickstarter

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Apr 1 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights—including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

SpyOuts – A Fun, Quick Card Game by Fambam Games


Your favorite neighbors are back as spy trainees in our new game, SpyOuts! SpyOuts is fun, strategic 10-15 minute card game for 2-4 players. Your mission? To outsmart your rivals and become the top spy trainee by cracking three of your assigned codes. Complete codes by collecting number cards and arranging them in the precise order shown on your codes.

But watch out! Along the way, you’ll encounter special agents with unique abilities that could either help or hinder your mission. Stay sharp and stay fast!

The Vampire Lord and the Void Knight – DnD 5E Module

The Vampire Lord and The Void Knight – DnD 5E Module is the second installment of a collection of homebrew content that aims to provide new and interesting ways for players to create and bring to life their fantastical selves.

Every new class and spell introduced in these supplements tries to cover the niche corners of the D&D world where players try to create their character using only the existing class fantasy that has been well established resulting in “settling” to something that doesn’t exactly fit their idea for their character. This is what we are trying to solve by providing a structured template based and balanced on the existing rules so that it provides the extra flavor and the guidelines to express your creativity.

Ancient City of the Great Pharaohs


This model is highly detailed and can be printed support-free. All pieces of this model were test-printed and are ready for you to print. paint and play. In this campaign, we tried to represent the colorful and magnificent cities of ancient Egypt. You’ll find several pyramids, stunning temples, and more!

Also, many interchangeable decorations will allow you to customize the city to your liking.

Monsters of Drakkenheim – 5E Monsters with Lore Lairs & Loot


Evocative descriptions and beautiful illustrations for every monster to immerse players as they encounter horrific abominations haunting the world of Drakkenheim. Detailed lore entries for every monster to inspire encounters and adventures.

Monster Knowledge Tables for each creature, allowing canny monster hunters to glean critical information about their quarry to aid them in combat. Over ten lairs complete with tactical battlemaps to set the stage for exciting confrontations. Harvesting rules to gather magical components from slain monsters for crafting items!

Wizzard’s Roll Dice Tower

This campaign is your chance to get the Wizzard’s Roll Dice Tower at a price you choose. It’s a win-win: you receive an incredible deal, and we gain the support needed to keep creating high-quality dice towers. Act now and be part of something special!


Author: Matt Sall
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