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Weekly MTG: Hit the Motherlode with “Big Score” Bonus Sheet!

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Apr 2 2024

Heists are all well and good, but what’s really important is the payoff. Thunder Junction has a vault full of goodies for you.

Welcome in, Praetors and Planewalkers! The Omenpaths have almost opened on Thunder Junction, and there’s a lot to look forward to for this rootin’ tootin’ western set. From a new creature group to finally introducing crime into MTG, OTJ is one of the coolest sets in a while. However, any good party of outlaws needs a good score, right? Well, OTJ delivers just that with the Big Score special sheet.

What is it?

The Big Score, or BIG, is a special subset within the OTJ set. It showcases some of the fantastic artifacts and mystical characters that make up the final act of the Thunder Junction story. They could be powerful new weapons like the Sword of Wealth and Power or old favorites like Torpor Orb and Grand Abolisher. They might even be a special piece of…Loot hidden in there somewhere.

Where Can I Get Them?

BIG cards, like Special Guests, are specially inserted Mythic Rares. They will appear in Play and Collector Boosters. Of course, you will have a slightly better chance of finding them in Collector packs. If you’re very lucky, you’ll even be able to pull them at Draft events. That will definitely change the Draft environment. Thankfully, since everyone has access to them, it should balance out.

Of course! Just like the Special Guests, BIG cards are legal in all formats that the OTJ cards are legal in. You can use them in Limited, Standard, or Commander with no issue, and they will move from format to format with their primary set. Unfortunately, since BIG are exclusively Mythic Rare, you won’t be able to add them to your Pauper deck.

Visit WeeklyMTG here to learn more about these exciting new cards and see more previews. These cards are sure to be game changers, so make sure you’re signed up for a Prerelease event at your FLGS. The prerelease season starts next Friday, the 11th of April.

Which cards are you looking to score?

Author: Clint Lienau
  • MTG Commander of the Week: Eladamri, Lord of Leaves