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5E Compatible RPG ROUND UP: ‘Vows of Spring’, ‘The Adventures Cookbook’ & More

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May 17 2024

A crystal-esque ‘Gem’ ancestry, and rules for deliciously cooking your way through any dungeon, in this week’s 5e Compatible Roundup.

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new 5E compatible tabletop role-playing games.

Vows of Spring

For the first time in millennia, a wedding promises to renew the Old Pact between humans and fey. But beneath the shadowy treetops of Gwyll forest, a jealous suitor seeks to prevent the old oaths’ fulfillment, stealing away both groom and bride. To save the day, a band of heroic wedding guests must scour the enchanted woods for the missing nearlyweds, or never again will there be another chance to renew the Vows of Spring…

The Adventures Cookbook

Satisfy your hunger for adventure with “The Adventures Cookbook”! Inspired by the anime “Delicious in Dungeon,” this rule book turns the mundane art of cooking into an epic activity worthy of the adventurers eating the mightiest of meals. This book has something for everyone, whether it’s combat-focused meal effects, rules for eating monsters, magical ingredients to reward exploration, random encounter tables for food-based roleplaying opportunities, or fun lists of magical effects that cause body-swapping or let characters enter each other’s dreams. With handy handouts that make simple rules even easier to run, you can quickly reference cooking rules, foraging charts, and a space to track ingredients your table will be able to do cooking together!

Inside you will find:

  • Cooking rules that are simple to learn that focus on making delicious-sounding meals
  • Rules and guidelines for foraging, hunting, and preparing ingredients in the perilous dungeons and untamed wilderness of your tabletop adventures
  • Over 50 magical effects that can be granted by meals that range from the mundane to legendary to fun
  • Advice for running and introducing cooking, including important session zero questions
  • Over 20 different unique and named magic to inspire and populate your world
  • Helpful handouts for both DM’s and players to make running these simple rules even easier

Whether you’re a battle-hardened warrior, a curious explorer, or a charismatic diplomat, “The Adventures Cookbook” invites you to participate in the thrill of a cooking culinary adventure.

Tomb of the Blood Baron

The ancient world of Harth withers beneath its dying sun… but it’s not dead yet.

This is a (very) small vampire tomb full of treasure and danger, easily run as a one-shot or dropped into a larger campaign setting. Because your world should have lots of random little tombs hidden all over the wilderness!

Face off against vampire bats, vampire thralls, and a vampire noble, as well as a few other creatures that have clawed their way into this once-armored vault. Discover works of art, exotic wines, enchanted clothing, and filthy weapons. Negotiate with the guards and intruders alike, using clever words or whatever sharp objects are close at hand!

SYSTEM: Originally written for Cairn. Also includes stats for Fifth Edition and Old School Essentials.


This adventure is intended for low-level characters.
Estimated run time: 1 session, or 1-3 hours.
Includes 6 creatures and many treasures.
ADVENTURE TYPE: Low Level / Combat / Exploration / One-Shot / Dungeon Delve

FILES: This product is one PDF file that is 5 pages in length. The location notes are only 2 pages long!

CONTENT INCLUDES: DM notes, location descriptions with short read-aloud text, NPC notes, creature stat blocks, original creatures, original treasures and magic items, dungeon map, various illustrations.

Gem Character Ancestry

Hailing from far beyond the stars, Gems are beings of light, reflected through prismatic cores. They are warriors, poets, philosophers, and more. This free character supplement will give you all the tools you need to make a Gem character of your very own.

Side Quests: Easy Adventures for Fifth Edition

SideQuests are easy, beginner-friendly Fifth Edition adventure modules that offer level-scalable stories, designed to be completed in 1-3 sessions. SideQuests are designed with flexibility in mind, with Adventure Hooks to ease players in to the module, and Epilogue ideas on how to continue using the adventure going forward – even leading directly into other SideQuests adventures!


SideQuests 1 contains the following 5 adventures:

  • SideQuests: Insurrection At The Abbey
  • SideQuests: Portrait of Ruin
  • SideQuests: Mausoleum Madness
  • SidQuests: Escape From The Neverwoods
  • SideQuests: Prisonbreakers

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