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Vecna Arrives in Dead By Daylight D&D Crossover – Can You Survive The Lich

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May 14 2024

Matt Mercer voices Vecna in the upcoming Dead By Daylight / D&D crossover. Come see what The Lich will do to your party.

Dead by Daylight and Dungeons & Dragons, both games about surviving unspeakable horrors. And they’re both games where you wouldn’t be surprised to see mythological, god-like killers lose to a bunch of randoms who have an annoying knack for making skill checks.

Which is to say, it’s a match made in heaven. Or hell. Whatever plane the match is made on, the cat, well, undead spellcasting abomination, is out of the bag. And the new killer is not in fact a Beholder. It’s Vecna. From D&D, not Stranger Things.

Though, if you’re reading, that would ALSO be a killer crossover. You already have the Demogorgon from that show in there. Just saying.

Dead by Daylight and D&D Crossover With a Familiar Lich

Also, that’s definitely Matt Mercer providing Vecna’s voice. And that’s pretty fitting, considering Mercer made Vecna the showstopping final battle in Campaign 1. Love to see a full circle. Here’s a look at some of the new stuff. Because in addition to the new killer, there’s a new survivor as well, Aestri Yazar.

First up though, the good stuff. Here’s how Vecna will get his TPK, straight out of the patch notes:

Bound with the skin and flesh of men, the Book is packed with spells both forbidden and wicked.
To select a Spell, hold the Ability Button to open the Spell selection. The Lich has access to 4 different Spells:

  • Mage Hand: Creates a magical hand that lifts a downed pallet or blocks an upright pallet for 4 seconds.
  • Flight of the Damned: Conjures 5 flying spectral entities that can pass through obstacles and injure Survivors.
  • Dispelling Sphere: Casts a moving invisible sphere that reveals Survivors and temporarily disables their Magic Items.
  • Fly: Gain a flying speed for a short period of time, allowing you to travel a long distance quickly and move over vaults and pallets.

And Aestri Yazar has some illusory powers, because hopefully a Bard can get you out of a situation with a Lich:

  • Mirrored Illusion This perk activates after completing a total of 50% worth of repair progress on generators. Press the ability button 2 when next to a totem, chest, generator or exit gate to spawn a static illusion that lasts for 100/110/120 seconds. Then, the perk deactivates.
  • Bardic Inspiration Press the ability button 1 while standing and motionless to enter the “performance” interaction that lasts up to 15 seconds and empowers Survivors within 16 meters. Roll a d20. This effect lasts for 60 seconds if the performance is completed. When the ability is cancelled or the performance completes, it goes on cooldown for 90/75/60 seconds. 1 | You scream, but nothing happens 2-10 | skill checks give +1% progress 11-19 | skill checks give +2% progress 20 | skill checks give +3% progress
  • Still Sight After standing still for 6/5/4 seconds, this perk activates. Until you start moving, you see the aura of the Killer as well as all generators and chests within 18 meters.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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