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AoS: For Gods and Glory – 3 Things I Want for Slaves to Darkness in Age of Sigmar 4.0

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May 14 2024

The gods were kind to give Slaves to Darkness a new hero, but there’s a lot more they could stir up for them in AoS 4.0.

Welcome in, Generals of the Realms! Of all the bad guys in Age of Sigmar, the Slaves to Darkness have been the most consistently “bad”. Even Nagash sided with Sigmar for a moment, but Archaon and his fellow Chaos Warriors have been antagonists from the get-go. In fact, without Chaos shattering the World-that-was, we wouldn’t have the Realms at all!

The Slaves to Darkness just got a new book and brand new hero, so they’re hot off the presses. Even the new Darkoath box is just a bigger expansion of the Slaves to Darkness faction. As such, it’s doubtful that much will change when we swap over to 4.0 in a few months. However, there are a few things that could make Slaves to Darkness viable in the new edition, especially considering what rules we’ve already seen.

Distinct Armies

When it comes to packed battletomes, there’s no one that can beat the Stormcast for choice, but Slaves to Darkness are coming close. However, I think that the Chaos armies are distinct enough that they would benefit from fully separate army lists. I’d love to see an option to take a fully Darkoath or armored army as more than just a subfaction. There are enough options, and while they might not need two whole books, I think giving each “mini-faction” a bit more distinction isn’t a big ask. We already saw it a little in the previous battletome, and I just want to see the next logical step.

A More Robust “Eye of the Gods” Table

One of the coolest things about the Forces of Chaos is their ability to draw the sight of their gods and receive powerful blessings. However, it’s well known that the gods don’t always get along, and usually, a warrior will be seeking the gaze of one god over another. While we already have separate “god-aligned” factions, I’d love to see an Eye of the Gods table that allows champions to curry favor from a single god rather than all of them. It would be especially cool if drawing the blessing of one god risked drawing the ire of another, so gifts had to be weighed against penalties.

Aggressive Reactions

The Slaves to Darkness are raiders, pillagers, and warriors without compare. With the new reaction system in 4.0, I want to see that turned up to 11. Whether they get enhanced countercharges, magical shields, or flaming daemonic weapons, I want Slave to Darkness to shine in combat in every turn. Also, similar to the EotG table, I’d love to see unique reactions for each god. This would be especially potent for the Varanguard, but it would be awesome on Chosen or Warriors as well.

What do you want to see for Slaves to Darkness in the new edition?

Author: Clint Lienau
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