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Chaos Space Marines – Are They #1 Again? – FTN

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May 14 2024

Chaos Space Marines go up for pre-order today and this will make a lot of fans extremely happy.

This codex has something for everyone and delivers power no matter how you want to use your collection. We go into the myriad of detachments in this Codex. If you love CSM you don’t want to miss this.

Just like their loyalist cousins this book has a TON of detachments that look kinda like the legions you may know and love if you squint just right.  The format makes it very clear that you are now meant to use the models and units however you want and not be shackled by a mere color scheme.

I love this aspect of this edition.  Do you love Iron Warriors but want to play them like Word Bearers?  Go for it.

The Sneaky and Tough detachments in this book are instant go-tos for me. Each one of these are packed with tricks and stuff that just ‘works’ right now in 40k.  Love it!

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Paul Murphy
Author: Paul Murphy
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