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Sneaky D&D Monsters, This Week’s GW Pre-Orders, and More – Weekend Rewind

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May 12 2024

Dive into this weekend’s hottest news: battle for Middle-earth in a new board game and discover the history of The Old World’s Fimir.

D&D: Five Monsters That Make For Excellent Ambushers

When things get quiet – like, too quiet – it’s time for an ambush. These five D&D monsters make for excellent ambushers.

‘Shadowrun’: Your Guide To The ‘Sixth World’

Shadowrun‘s Sixth World blends magic and dragons with cybernetics and corporations. Here’s your guide to thriving in the shadows.

Warhammer: Fimir – The Horror Of The Mists

Once long ago, a dread race inhabited the bogs and swampy mists of the Old World – the Fimir. Let us hope they never rise again.

‘Lord Of The Rings: Duel For Middle-Earth’ Reworks ‘7 Wonders’ Into Brand New Game

Lord of the Rings: Duel For Middle-Earth is more than a reskin, but not a fully new game. New mechanics put in right in the Middle… Earth.

The heretics are invading! It’s the big pre-order release of the Chaos Space Marines for Warhammer 40,000.

Vecna Is Back! || Tabletop Spotlight

Today on the Tabletop Spotlight we look at DnD: Vecna Eve Of Ruin. Plus, Faraway, MCP Spider Foes/Avengers/Cabal Affiliation Packs, Arkham Horror: Dream Eater Investigator Expansion, and Pokemon.

Author: Mars Garrett
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