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D&D Teases ‘Dead by Daylight’ Crossover Coming May 14th

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May 9 2024

It seems like Dungeons & Dragons might be gearing up for a TPK in a Dead By Daylight crossover coming soon.

Another big crossover seems to be coming soon, according to an announcement from WotC over on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitter. It seems that D&D will be bringing something ripped straight from the pages of the Monster Manual to the asymmetric PVP horror slasher murder game, Dead by Daylight.

If you haven’t played Dead by Daylight, you play as a group of hapless “regular” people swept up in the throes of a horror movie. Beset by varying degrees of psychopaths in hockey masks, eldritch abominations, and more, you try and survive and escape, while the murderer tries to kill everyone. And usually, it goes the way of the would-be victims. But every now and then the horror icon wins.

D&D hopes to add TPKs or total party kills into the mix.

D&D and Dead By Daylight Crossing Over May 14th


In an announcement on Twitter that only shares a brief teaser video as well as the infamous TPK that many players have come to know and fear, Dungeons & Dragons revealed the upcoming collaboration. But, if you take a closer look at the monster lurking behind the dungeon bars…


It looks like the new killer is going to be a Beholder. Also known as an Eye Tyrant, Beholders are floating abominations with many eyestalks that shoot magical rays from them. They can do everything from disintegrate foes to petrify them to charming them to the Beholder’s side temporarily.

Of course, this one has a blindfold over its central eye. Though that might just be for the purposes of not revealing immediately that it’s a Beholder. We’ll know soon enough. More information is coming May 14th. That’s probably going to be the big unveiling where you’ll get to see the killer’s powers and any survivor skins.

If they really wanted to do it up, they could do a whole D&D event with themed player skins and everything. But, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, time to start brushing up on those survival skills, and revisiting the Monster Manual to look for hidden weaknesses.


Look for more info on May 14th!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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