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‘Dune: Prophecy’ – The Path to the Kwisatz Haderach Begins in First Trailer

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May 15 2024

10,000 years before the birth of Paul Atreides, before the universe knew them as the Bene Gesserit… watch the first Dune: Prophecy trailer.

Herbert’s Dune is set in a future in which humanity has spread across the galaxy to thousands of worlds. All of them were ruled by the Padishah Emperor. An order of mysterious women of rules from the shadows, though. The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood has abilities given to them by their mastery of the body and the mind. This has made them invaluable to all of the houses of the galaxy. They weave through the feudal politics and intrigue of The Imperium with their own plans to create a being of immense power.

Their story and plans started thousands of years before Paul was born.

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What is Dune: The Prophecy About?

Dune: The Prophet is based on the novel Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson; it will be set in Villeneuve’s universe. It takes place 10,000 years before the events in Dune and follows the two Harkonnen sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind, all while helping establish the Bene Gesserit and its breeding program.

Valya joined the Sisterhood of Rossak as a child and proved to be one of the most faithful and talented members. She became the first Mother Superior of the order when it was renamed the Bene Gesserit. She also holds a large amount of hatred for House Atreides, whom she blames for the fall of her own house. Valya is the type that doesn’t believe in threats; she believes in action. Tula is the younger of the two. She works with her sister to gain revenge and further the Bene Gesserit agenda.

via Legendary Pictures

There are several other big players that will show up in the series from the two houses, as well as the other emerging schools. We’ll also get a ton of background that will make the Dune universe make a bit more sense.

Dune: Prophecy – First Trailer

Olivia Williams is Tula Harkonnen and Emily Watson is Valya Harkonnen. Other confirmed cast members are Mark Strong, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (The Colony), Shalom Brune-Franklin (The Tourist), Faoileann Cunningham (The Northman), Aoife Hinds (Normal People), and Chloe Lea (Foundation).

Alison Schapker (Lost, Alias, Fringe) is showrunner. Anna Forester (Carnival Row, Jessica Jones) directed the majority of the episodes.

Dune: Prophecy debuts on Max this fall.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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