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This Summer’s Most Anticipated Horror Movies Will Terrify You

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Apr 16 2024

You don’t have to wait for fall to immerse yourself in horror movies – this summer has plenty of terrifying titles to offer.

Abigail – April 19th

The movie is from the folks behind Ready or Not, which was a blast. A crew of strangers is hired to kidnap the young daughter of a crime boss; they’ll be paid millions to make sure she stays safe overnight. What should be a routine and easy job quickly turns into a horror show. This kid isn’t a cute ballerina. She’s a blood-sucking monster that likes to play with her food. The kidnappers find themselves having to fight or become her next meal.

Humane – April 26th

The Cronenberg twisted movie tradition continues – this time, Caitlin Cronenberg is directing a black comedy. An environmental collapse has forced humanity to shed 20% of its population in order to survive. The policy gets personal when a family dinner erupts into chaos when its patriarch’s plan to enlist in the government’s new euthanasia program goes sideways.

Cuckoo – May 3rd

After her mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Gretchen joins her father’s family, who have just moved to an alpine resort. What should be a peaceful time to recover turns out to be a nightmare. She finds herself having disturbing visions and being chased by a mysterious woman. Gretchen must reveal a conspiracy to save herself and her sister.

The movie stars Hunter Schafer and Dan Stevens, and was shot on 35mm.

I Saw the TV Glow – May 3rd

In this mind-bending tale, a classmate shows Owen a mysterious late-night TV show. But it’s more than just a TV show, it’s a vision of a supernatural world beneath their own. The more Owen watches, the more his view of reality begins to crack.

Tarot – May 10th

Want something a little more horror trope-y? Tarot is for you. A group of friends violate the rules of Tarot and pay the price. They unleash an unspeakable evil that goes after them one by one, showing them their fate. They have to race against death before it catches up with them.

In a Violent Nature – May 31st

The viewpoint changes from the norm in this slasher. An undead killer is resurrected in a remote wilderness – and we see its rampage from the monster’s point of view rather than its victim’s.

The Watchers – June 14th

Mina is left stranded when her car breaks down at the edge of a mysterious forest. She’s forced into the dense woodland, where she finds a woman yelling, urging her to run to a concrete bunker. There, she meets others trapped in the bunker’s single room. One wall is a large window that looks out onto the forest.

There’s something strange out among the trees. Creatures that are watching her and the other captives in the bunker. What are they? Why are they imprisoning humans and watching their every move?


A Quiet Place Day One – June 28th

A Quiet Place begins more than a year after sound-sensitive aliens attack Earth. It follows a family as they try to survive in a dangerous world filled with deadly creatures and humans taking advantage of the fallout. The new chapter in the story goes back to the first day of the attack. In Quiet Place: Day One, we’ll follow a group of people in New York City as they contend with the creatures when they first arrive. The city is filled with chaos and terror—and it’s unclear how humanity will survive.

MaXXXine – July 5th

The next chapter in Ti West’s trilogy is set in 1980s Hollywood. Aspiring actress and current adult film star Maxine Minx gets her big break while a mysterious killer stalks Hollywood’s starlets. The trail of deaths threatens to reveal Maxine’s sinister past.

Longlegs – July 12th

The story focuses on Lee Harker, an FBI agent assigned to work on an unsolved serial killer case. As she investigates the complicated case, she discovers evidence of the occult and a personal link to the killer that puts her in danger. She has to prevent another death before it’s too late. This one is from Osgood Perkins, who directed A24’s The Blackcoat’s Daughter.

Alien: Romulus – August 16th

Fede Alvarez’s Alien: Romulus promises to take the formula and twist it into something new. It’s a stand-alone story about a group of young civilians trying to make a living scavenging a wrecked ship. What makes it different from the other sequels is director Fede Alverez. He’s bringing his style of brutal, bloody horror movies to the franchise. This short teaser will get your heart pounding.


Author: Mars Garrett
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