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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Five More Villains That Would Be Amazing Additions

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May 4 2024

There’s a huge roster of Marvel villains that Atomic Mass could add. Here’s a few more we’d love to see — even if they could break the game.

Last time, I promised I’d touch on some new villains that should get added to the Marvel: Crisis Protocol roster. At least with an Ultimate Encounter. So I won’t rehash these same ones again. That said, I wanted to mention some new villains that might actually be too overpowered to bring to the tabletop. But if AMG did manage to bring them in, you wouldn’t hear me complain!


Okay, I might have mentioned Bastion in passing in another list. So I’m just going to take a moment and drop him in here. If you’re watching X-Men ’97 then you are already familiar with his handiwork. But if you’re not, Bastion from the comics is actually a fusion of Nimrod and Master Mold. I’m not going to get into all the details here…but he’s basically the most powerful and influential Sentinel ever. In the comics it took the arrival of the Mutant Messiah Hope Summers to stop him — and even then she had some help.

Having said all that, Bastion on the tabletop would be kind of tough to recreate in rules form. He can adapt to fight anyone’s powers. Now, you could just make this some sort of bonus defense die roll, but that’s really underselling him. It would take some work but a Bastion that’s unleashed would be almost unstoppable.


With Skrulls having infiltrated the MCU, I figure there might be a chance that one could show up in the MCP. I also realise that’s a long shot considering we don’t even have the Fantastic Four yet…but if/when they do show up we gotta get a Super Skrull to battle them, right?! The fact that Super-Skrull has the powers of the Fantastic Four is just one (four?) reasons he’d be awesome to have. But that would also make his rules complicated, too. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past AMG to figure out how to get him done right!




With the arrival of the rest of the Spider-Foes, I’m actually a little shocked we haven’t gotten the classic Spider-Man villain. I’d almost feel bad for Mac Gargan based on his old back story. He’s battled Spider-Man countless times and is just an iconic baddie in Marvel. He probably wouldn’t break the game to be honest. So I’m just adding him to the list to say #WhereisScorpion.

Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man is another long time villain in Marvel. He’s more recently become somewhat of an antihero, but regardless, I’m adding him to this list. He’s got the power to, well, absorb the characteristics of things he touches. This might be a metal — like a ball and chain. Or even strength of the Hulk. This is another character I’m not quite sure how AMG could create on the tabletop. But, as Asgardian antagonist, I’d like to see him do battle with Thor!

Fin Fang Foom

Okay, I might be suggesting this one as a bit of a joke. But c’mon! Fin Fang Foom would be awesome! You can read up on the shape changing dragon/alien for yourself but I think he’s be a ridiculous villain to add to the game. Now, I know this one will probably never happen for lots of reasons. But, if AMG ever wanted to make some truly massive miniatures for Marvel: Crisis Protocol Fin Fang Foom should be at the top of the list!



What crazy villains would you like to see added to Marvel: Crisis Protocol?

Author: Adam Harrison
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