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MCDM’s ‘Flee, Mortals!’ is Now On D&D Beyond

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May 14 2024

Matt Colville’s monstrous book of epic monsters, Flee, Mortals! arrives on D&D Beyond. Boss battles and dangerous dens abound.

Flee, Mortals! arrives on D&D Beyond today, an unexpected splash for MCDM. The monster book of monstrous monsters from Matt Colville’s TTRPG production team, the same folks who brought you books like Kingdoms and Warfare, and new 5E classes like The Talent, can now be yours on D&D Beyond.

As D&D Beyond expands its library of third party titles, the platform becomes more and more a hub for WotC. That aligns with their goal of making D&D Beyond a one stop shop, even if fans are still upset about no longer being able to purchase content “a la carte”.

Flee, Mortals! is a book of epic monsters. What does that mean, exactly? Check it out.

Flee Mortals on D&D Beyond

Monsters that are fun to run AND fun to fight.

Remember the first time you slew a dragon? What if all combat encounters could be that exciting? Monsters are central to D&D, whether fighting against them or fleeing from them. For friends immersed in an adventure, there’s no greater thrill than a wave of angry bandits charging over a hill or a reality-warping gibbering mouther.

Flee, Mortals! presents an innovative approach to monster design. This book is filled with threats of all shapes and sizes. Discover synergizing stat blocks, companion creatures and allies who level up alongside the heroes, and encounters that are as fun for a DM to plan as they are for adventurers to play.

As the book’s description says, this is monsters that are fun for both the players and the DM. Which is not something a lot of folks try and give consideration to. Your DM is the hardest working player at the table, to the point where many people don’t even consider the DM a fellow player.

There are many RPG horror stories about players treating the DM like some kind of generative AI, a person who’s there to entertain their friends prompting them to roll the dice and making them feel like gods, rather than someone who’s there to have fun with their friends too.

What makes these monsters fun to run? Special abilities, villain actions, lots of levers to push and pull to make the monsters feel like more of a threat. I think it’s great. Monsters in D&D are one of the hardest things to balance.


All too often there’s a breakpoint where the party starts being able to run over everything, and the DM’s turns in a combat become little more than “this one moves here, oh did it miss? I guess it dies now” or you get bogged down trying to punch all the hp out of a Lexus LS400.

Flee, Mortals! promises more than that. As well as a spate of features for D&D Beyond’s new Encounter Builder and Maps. Of course, you can also find Flee, Mortals on much more robust virtual tabletops as well, but now it’s on D&D Beyond too.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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