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Five Edible D&D Items You’ll Want to Eat

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May 12 2024

Sure magic swords sound cool. But can you eat them? That’s what I thought. Check out these five edible magic items instead.

Magic can do just about everything in D&D. Spells, items, you name it. In fact, one of the best parts about any new book is the list of brand-new treasures. New magic items are super exciting!

But so are old magic items. Especially if you can eat them. Sure, you might not think about your food because your character still has the same ten rations on their D&D character sheet that they’ve had since character generation. But, trust me you do not want to eat those unless you have to.

Instead, consider dining on one of these edible magic items. Yes, they’re from more than a decade ago–originating in the Encyclopedia Magicka–but with Krynn and Spelljammer coming back, everything good about 2nd Edition seems up for grabs. So try one today!

Bead of Nourishment

A “spongy, flavourless, gelatinous” magical bead that when you eat it, dissolves on your tongue and provides a full day’s worth of rations. It’s basically soylent but for D&D.

Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch

This magical belt pouch appears empty and has 10 charges. While holding the pouch, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges, speak the name of any nonmagical food seasoning (such as salt, pepper, saffron, or cilantro), and remove a pinch of the desired seasoning from the pouch. A pinch is enough to season a single meal. But you’ll probably use two pinches anyway.

Alchemy Jug

This magical jug includes a variety of settings that let you produce alchemical liquids, like acid, sure. But it could also be full of beer or honey or mayonnaise. Two gallons’ worth, in fact.


Bag of Beans

Inside this magic bag are magic beans. This item has a uniquely first-edition flare to it, in that if you just dump the beans out, they explode and do 5d4 fire damage to everything nearby. But if you plant them in the ground and water them, one minute later you’ll get a special magical effect, which can include:

  • A nest of magical eggs that when you eat them either increase your lowest ability score by one or explodes for 10d6 force damage, depending on if you make a save
  • A magical fruit tree with magical fruit, eight of which are magic potions, one of which is a deadly poison, and the rest are just delicious
  • A geyser erupts spouting water, beer, berry juice, tea, vinegar, wine, or oil (DM’s choice) 30 feet into the air for 1d12 rounds.

Of course, you might also grow an evil treant, so use it with caution.

Pole of Angling

This ten-foot pole transforms into a magical fishing pole when you speak the command word. It’s like the saying goes, give an adventurer a fish and they’ll eat for a day. Give an adventurer a magical fishing pole and they’ll eat for a lifetime if they first learn how to fish.

Happy adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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