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MTG: Fee-fi-fo-Fun! – Top Five Giant Commanders

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May 14 2024

There might not be many beanstalks in Magic, but you’ll still want to find someone to chop these Giant Commanders down to size.

Welcome Planeswalkers and Praetors to our ongoing series about the best casual experience in Magic: Commander.

MTG has always taken inspiration from real-world lore. From great heroes slaying Dragons to the hidden cities of South America, plenty of legends have been brought to life in glorious cardboard. So, with a whole plane based on fairy tales, it makes sense we’d get Giants. Eldraine and Lorwyn weren’t the first to get Giants, of course: Kaldheim, Theros, and even Dominaria have their fair share of the large monsters. However, if you want to make a full deck of them, you’ll want to turn to one of these tall generals to lead the charge.

Aegar, the Freezing Flame

Aegar is a Jotun from Kaldheim that’s all about overkill. He’s a 3/3 for three with no keywords, so he’s not a combat monster. However, if anything Giants, Wizards, or spells happen to do excess damage to an opponent’s creature or Planeswalker, you get a card. Think of it sort of like spell trample, except instead of extra damage, you get card draw. In Izzet, that MIGHT also be extra damage, of course, and you’ll have no shortage of Wizards, Giants, and big damage spells.

Ruhan of the Fomori

Our next mighty Commander was a favorite of EDH Godfather Sheldon Menery and even features in his special Secret Lair. Ruhan is a nasty number at 7/7 for the low price of four. The only caveat is that he must attack, and you can’t decide where he goes. However, if you play him as a Voltron Commander or load him up with Giants that buff his power, he can get out of hand quickly.

Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas

Now, this is a Commander who loves her fellow Giants. She starts as a 3/3 with double strike and vigilance, but she won’t stay that small for long. Anytime you cast an expensive creature spell, you get an experience counter, and Kalemne gets stronger. Best of all, the counters stick around, so even if Kalemne goes down, she’ll be just as big when she comes back for round two.

Morophon, the Boundless

Morphon is back again! He truly fits in any Typal deck, and his bulk makes him a good add for Giants. While the Giants won’t benefit from Domain as much as other creature types, the reduction and five-color access is nice. Plus, who doesn’t love an emblem with teeth?

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain

This is a fun D&D Commander that protects your other creatures and has a fun ETB/attack trigger. You can either make a creature tiny or massive, removing a chunky blocker or boosting one of your own attackers. Bring the winter chill with this frosty Commander.

What do you think of these Commanders?

What is Commander?

For the uninitiated, Commander is a semi-casual format for Magic: the Gathering. You use a deck of 100 cards led by a legendary creature, your Commander.


Aside from basic lands, you are only allowed one copy of each card in the deck. Moreover, you can only include cards in your Commander’s “color identity” or artifacts. Each color and color combo has a unique playstyle and a wealth of mighty generals to lead your deck to victory. is an excellent source for Commander info and can give you ideas on how to build your next Commander deck or tune an existing one.

Author: Clint Lienau
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