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New 5E Compatible RPG Roundup: ‘Lost Labyrinth’, ‘Flesh & Stone’, and More

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May 10 2024

Secrets of the Netherworld and artist-made stock art for you to use in your RPG are in todays 5E compatible RPG roundup.

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new 5E-compatible tabletop role-playing games.

Secrets of the Netherworld

Encyclopedia: Netherworld details two major iconic features of Eana: its underground world, the Netherworld, and its most dangerous foe, Canker. Within, you will find out about their history, their secrets, and related magic items.

  • Netherworld. Explore the subterranean lands beneath the Free City, the Drakenbergen, the Septentrion, Kaan, and adjoining seas! Delving into dark tunnels, discover lives and cultures radically different from the surface’s. Adventures will feature urban schemes in cities of below, and perilous voyages into niyerdae—wild lands in perpetual darkness.
  • Atmospheres. Depending on the locale, adventures will evoke twilit wonder, dark fantasy, games of thrones, or science fantasy. Choose your own Netherworld!
  • Canker. A major antagonist, Canker is a complex entity, simultaneously a plane, a godlike power, and a life form. Magic items, fully fleshed-out cities, cultists… All you need to play a campaign giving pride of place to this terrifying threat!
  • Campaign Material. Contents feature more than 120 magic items, including fell blasphemies filled with Canker’s deleterious energy and glyphs that can alter the environment of subterranean regions. New options are also provided for the creation and evolution of adventurers.

Flesh & Stone

Flesh & Stone is a massive book of character options for 5E, every page jam-packed full of all kinds of ways to expand and customize your characters with the power of earth and the corruption of flesh. Split between three chapters, you’ll find the following content:

  • 2 new base classes, the hardy Miner and unfathomable Epidermis.
  • 13 new subclasses, one for each official class + the Fisher Class.
  • 3 new races: the batlike Nosferatu, oozing Gibbering Mouther, and vain Medusa.
  • Over 30 feats themed around flesh, stone, or both.
  • 4 new backgrounds, featuring feats and up-to-date with modern 5E standards.
  • A plethora of new equipment, from a range of explosives to forklifts.
  • Over 20 spells of the brand-new Biomancy school of magic.

RPG Stock Art Illustrations

Tara Quinn presents these 100 pieces of fantasy stock art. As a lifelong artist and professional for nearly 2 decades, she has produced these fantasy illustrations with her own new-school cartoony twist.

These 100 original illustrations in black and grey or line art depict creatures, concepts, monsters or other content from the 5E SRD. The style invokes old-school artwork but with Tara’s own comic-inspired design. All were hand-drawn digitally at a high resolution of 300 DPI in various shapes and sizes. Provided both in PDF sheets and individual PNG images, both with white and transparent backgrounds.

A great fit for 5E, OSR, or other fantasy works, this royalty-free stock art is authorized for both personal and commercial use.

Adventures Ahead!

Welcome to Adventures Ahead! — One Page Oneshots for Fifth Edition! Adventures Ahead are designed to be instant references for an adventure that you can use as-is, or to use as you flesh out your own stories! Each adventure contains everything you need for a single session’s adventure, from an Introduction to all the NPCs you need, to how/when to implement Skill Checks, to the Rewards and Aftermath of completing the adventure!

Lost Labrinth: Secrets of the Pharaoh

Hidden beneath the sands of time, in the heart of a grand desert there is a labyrinth lost to history. It’s said that within its winding corridors lies a treasure so valuable, it’s whispered about in legends. A mysterious individual with a hidden agenda approaches the players with information and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to seize this treasure.

However, this labyrinth isn’t your average walk in the park. Oh no, it’s packed with ancient traps, challenging riddles, and powerful beings that act as guardians. It’s a challenge like no other, but with every obstacle the players conquer, the party is one step closer to claiming the ultimate prize. Will the players make it through the labyrinth alive? Will they be able to find and unlock all the mysteries the labyrinth holds?


The adventure is designed for level 7 adventurers but can be easily scaled up/down.

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