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RPG Accessories D20s For Every Part of Your Life

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May 19 2024

Some of these RPG accessories are actually D20s and some are jut D20 shaped. But they’ll all add a little more adventure to your everyday.

D&D is full of dice, most notably the D20. There’s ton of D20 goodies out there, and lots of them aren’t even dice. So let’s add a little of the D&D aesthetic and adventure to your everyday life with some D20s you may have a hard time rolling.

1. A High Tech Die

This is one of those superfluous, almost silly items that I would never buy for myself, but would be an endless source of joy if I was gifted. It’s a D20 that connects to your electronic device as well as Roll20, Discord, and Foundry VTT and lets you roll a real life dice for an online campaign. Sure, you could use an electronic dice roller. And sure, you could use regular dice and just tell your DM what you rolled. But you can also roll up this bad boy and that sounds like more fun to me.

2. Ice Dice

There’s a dice mold for everything. And a big D20 is such a good option for making special ice. Other ice molds make such small figure that they melt almost immediately. But this one is huge and going to keep your drink cool for a while. There’s also molds for D10 and D12, so you can always have new icy dice on the way, or even be half way to an entire set.

3. D20 Studs

There is so much D&D and dice inspired jewelry out there. From the very on the nose to the somewhat artistic and vague, if you want to wear this hobby decoratively, there are lots of picks. And these D20 studs are a great every day piece. They’re tiny, and come in a variety of metals and colors, so in addition to being fashionable, to a non-adventurer, it looks like you’re wearing regular simple studs.

4. D20 Candles

There’s never a bad time for dice candles. Want to set the mood for a dimly lit tavern? D20 candles. Romantic evening with a nerdy partner? D20 candles. Just really enjoy setting things on fire but in safe contained ways? D20 candles! Realistically, this isn’t super practical or permanent. Candles never really are. But they’re fun and pretty and will look nice on your D&D book shelf.

5. Dice Holding Dice

Do you own what someone may describe as too many dice? Has anybody ever expressed concern that you may have a dice ‘problem? Well I have a dice solution… And it is also die shaped! This D20 shaped box will hold about fifteen D20. It’s 3D printed, which is a pretty sturdy medium, and has magnetic closures to keep your dice safe and inside. It’s even (technically) rollable (if you’re very careful) and has all of the necessary numbers printed on the sides.

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