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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – ‘Make the Impossible Possible’ Squad Pack Preview

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May 15 2024

It’s our first look at the rules for the Rebel Heroes Hera, Sabine, and Chopper in Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

We already got a look at the other half of the crew of the Ghost. Now we’ve got a preview of the rules for Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and “Chopper” C1-10p. This side of the crew is all about making the impossible possible!

Atomic Mass Games gives us the details…

The rest of the Rebels join Star Wars: Shatterpoint! Hera Syndulla leads the squad as captain of the Ghost. The Mandalorian Sabine Wren’s explosive firepower is only matched by her revolutionary artistry. The cranky and willful astromech C1-10P, more commonly known as “Chopper”, performs hasty repairs, and plays a key role facilitating their risky heists.

Hera Syndulla, Spectre-2

Hera’s abilities reflect her job as Captain of the Ghost. Not only is she a great pilot but she’s also a capable leader, too. Her Phoenix Leader tactic ability allows bonus movement for an ally — either a dash or, they are a fellow Spectre, a full advance. We Will Not Stand Down is another powerful tool that causes a Rebel unit ot transition from Wounded to Injured and then move towards an active objective. Hera also provides cover to allied Rebels with her Crew of the Ghost ability, too. Finally, her We Have Hope Identity can provide a ton of healing for the cost of 1 Momentum — or if you activate Hera with a Shatterpoint card, you get it for free!

When it comes to combat Hera Syndulla is no slouch! Both of her stances provide good ranged and melee attacks but they shift the defences a bit. Additionally, Spread a Little Light is more focused on healing while Difficult Choices is more about damage. She makes for an excellent support option with the durability of a Primary unit.

Sabine Wren, Spectre-5

Sabine Wren is a Mandalorian by birth and a Spectre by choice. She will take on any fight to protect her family—whether that be Clan Wren or the found family she has built for herself on the Ghost. Sabine’s abilities are very similar to other Mandalorian Units but with some added synergy with Rebel Alliance allies.

Sabine Wren isn’t to be underestimated. Her Tactic ability is My Friends Make the Impossible Possible and once again it provides a dash and, if the target unit is a Spectre, they also get a hunker token. I’m Gonna Go Add Some Fireworks To The Celebration does just that — it’s more boom and move to the unit. I Forged This Amor With My Family is a reactive ability that grants Sabine a focus action after her move action when she finishes within range of either a Mandalorian or Spectre character. And finally we have Daughter of Mandalore which gives her built in Protection and Sharpshooter [2]. Additionally, she can swap out any dash, advance, climb, or reposition with a Jump move.

As you might expect from a Mandalorian, she’s got some strong fighting chops. Sabine has good defences paired with solid range and melee attacks, too. Just don’t forget about her Sharpshooter giving her ranged attacks a bonus! And her combat tree brings the shoves and damage. Sabine Wren is a good aggressive member of the Ghost crew!

“Chopper” Spectre-3

“Chopper” (C1-10P) has been Hera’s droid and faithful companion for a long while and is as much a part of the crew as anyone else aboard the Ghost, if not moreso.


“Chopper” is no ordinary astromech droid. His Mayhem ability is well named. It has the chance to put up to three conditions on any enemy unit and can really turn the tables in your favor. Rocket Booster allows for a jump and keeps this droid moving when you need it.

His next ability is “Chopper,” Sometimes You Do It Right and a reactive ability that provides even more mobility when he wounds an enemy. The movement boost is even more impressive if the unit boosted is a fellow Spectre. Sturdy Construction is just another quality “Chopper” has and it gives him Protection, Immunity, to Pin and Disarm, too. And last we have Is That One of Ours? as a great defensive tool. This makes it impossible to target “Chopper” with ranged attacks while his Order card is still in the Order Deck or while it’s in reserve.

“Chopper” has the aptly named Droid Rage as his combat stance. Let’s just point out the 8 die melee right out of the gate! That’s quite the dice pool. And naturally, his combat tree is straightforward and focused (mostly) on damage. I would say don’t make him angry…but it seems to late for that!

The Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Make the Impossible Possible Squad Pack is currently up for pre-order and has a release date of July 5, 2024.


Author: Adam Harrison
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