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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – ‘Real Quiet Like’ Lets The Wookie Loose

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May 2 2024

Han Solo and Chewie in a squad pack. Need I say more? Let’s take a closer look at how they will work in Star Wars: Shatterpoint!

The Real Quiet Like Squad Pack is coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint and it’s bringing some fan favorites to the game. General Han Solo and his loyal companion Chewbacca are leading the attack on the ground for the Battle of Endor and soon you’ll be able to recruit them to your squads!

via Atomic Mass Games

General Solo

“Relying on luck and skill, Solo’s battlefield presence is amplified with the support of Chewie, a powerhouse of a Wookiee whose loyalty is legendary. Chewie brings his Wookiee bowcaster to bear and also provides no small amount of muscle when enemies get too close. There are few things more intimidating than a riled-up Wookiee. And for their part, the Rebel Commandos are among that tenacious movement’s veterans, having considerable experience making their smaller numbers count while taking advantage of terrain via skirmish tactics.”

With the keywords of Rebel Alliance, Scoundrel, and Scout you already know what General Solo is all about. His abilities reinforce the idea that he’s up to no good on the battlefield. His first ability is Then We’ll Do It Real Quiet Like which allows him to let order another unit to get some free movement. Outnumbered, Not Outgunned is his next ability. This allows for a reactive bonus attack on a second enemy unit after a main attack. It’s a little risky because to really take advantage of this you’d have to be within range of at least two units — but risky plays is what Han is all about!

Let’s Keep A Little Optimism Here is actually a nice little catch-up mechanic. Momentum when you’re down is always a welcome bonus. And finally we have Hey, It’s Me which is a once per turn ability. It triggers off of units getting wounded and works differently if it’s an ally or an enemy. It’s split between either a bonus move or bonus attack, both of which are super handy.



Chewbacca – Secondary Unit

The ever present loyal companion of Han is Chewbacca and I’m really glad to see this walking carpet. This snapshot of Chewie has him as a fierce Wookie warrior during the Battle of Endor.



“His abilities are also geared toward protecting General Solo (or another primary if you prefer) if he is nearby. Wookiee Loyalty is a particularly good Tactics Ability, serving to keep Chewie near his primary and keep them safe. This Dash must be toward his primary, but if he ends movement close enough, that character gains a hunker token and both characters can heal. It’s Not Wise to Upset a Wookiee allows Chewie to unleash his rage—doing damage by rolling Strikes and Criticals. Bodyguard provides some Cover for a nearby allied Primary or Secondary as they literally hide behind Chewie. Intimidating Presence gives some free defense expertise to any Rebel Alliance character near Chewie, so long as he’s not wounded.”

Rebel Commandos – Supporting Unit

The final unit in the box is the Rebel Commandos. These align perfectly with General Solo’s mission and abilities. They can be an effective option for some sneaky shenanigans. They have a couple ways to gain a Hunker token which can be handy. Additionally, they have Command Doctrines‘ Dash for some extra movement and Coordinated Fire for some bonus damage, too.

While they don’t have the most complex Expertise chart they to pack a respectable punch at range. They’re a fine addition to any squad that can take them!

The Real Quiet Like Squad Pack is up for Pre-order now and has a release date of June 7, 2024.


Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Real Quiet Like Squad Pack $49.99

“The scoundrel with a heart of gold becomes a hero of the Rebel Alliance! Han Solo and steadfast and ferocious Chewbacca lead an elite team of Rebel Commandos. These troops are highly trained in reconnaissance and unorthodox tactics, making them valuable assets in the fight for freedom from the Empire’s tyranny. “


It’s Han and Chewie! C’mon!!!

Author: Adam Harrison
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