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‘Starfinder’ 2E New Playtest: Zombies — IN SPACE!

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May 8 2024

Starfinder rolled out a new 2E playtest today, this time adding well-armed alien enemies to the mix.

Starfinder is a game of sci-fi, fantasy adventure. Sci-fi because there are aliens and lasers, but fantasy because there’s a 63% chance you’ll be wielding a sword against both those things. Yes, if you’ve ever wanted to have a cool sword but also a spaceship, Starfinder is what you want.

And I’m talking about a for real spaceship, none of this Treasure Planet boats in space—no judgments there, the movie is good, but it’s not very scientifically accurate, is it? It’s not like Star Trek, whose technology inspired the iPad, the smartphone, and synthetic meats that let vegans cosplay at eating like a normal person.

If that is what you want, you’re in luck. Because Starfinder 2E has a new playtest packet out right now. It features two different encounters, for 1st and 5th level characters, so you can get a feel for how the system will let your characters progress. You can take the playtest classes, the Envoy, the Mystic, and the Soldier, and pit your team against a variety of foes.

Starfinder 2E Playest #5 – Encounters

From the playtest announcement:

Field Test #5 includes two encounters, one for 1st-level characters and one for 5th-level characters. Each encounter includes everything a GM needs to throw their party right into the action: a basic narrative setup, a battle map, multiple enemy stat blocks, and enemy tactics. We’ve even included the text of our new weapon traits so you know how the enemies’ weapons work, and some discussion of our encounter design principles so you can see what we’re going for.

The first encounter pits 1st-level characters against a bunch of corpse fleet privateers. As the name suggests, that means space undead. Just look at that cyberzombie!

The other encounter is against a bunch of aeon guard, and will require 5th-level characters to tackle.

Both encounters have options for increased difficulty, for more experienced and/or optimization-focused players. So check out the packet today!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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