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This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Chaos Space Marines Arrive!

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May 6 2024

We return to the Grimdark with a new launch range, of Chaos Space Marines for 10th Edition! Take a look at these prices.

This week GW is bringing out the new goodies for the Chaos Space Marines featuring not one but TWO new army boxed sets! Here’s the latest goodies:

GW says all of these kits go up for preorder on May 11, and have a street date of May 25.

Codex Chaos Space Marines $60 €45 £37.50

 “The Heretic Astartes return to the fray with a massive new Codex containing everything you need to bring the Chaos Space Marine Legions to the tabletop in the current edition of Warhammer 40,000. This 160-page tome gives these veterans of the Long War their full due in the Era Indomitus and contains eight separate Detachments and 48 datasheets, making for a huge variety of forces in your games. Whether you prefer to run an elite force of hate-fuelled Astartes, a horde of deranged cultists, or degenerate mobs of daemon-touched monsters, options abound.

On top of that, there are substantial Crusade rules to help grow your force in diabolically thematic ways, Combat Patrol rules for Zarkan’s Daemonkin, and a showcase of gorgeously painted miniatures – as well as tons of lore and a one-use code to unlock all this content in Warhammer 40,000: The App.

True devotees of the dark gods might beseech their patrons for the Collectors Edition, which features gilt page edging, a ribbon bookmark, and unique cover art.”

Veterans of the Long War $230 €180 £140

 “The first place to get hold of the new Chaos Lord on Foot is with his infernal allies in this Veterans of the Long War Battleforce box. The new Lord has various head and weapon options, and he’s joined by a mighty host of Heretic Astartes, including five Possessed, five Chosen, 10 Chaos Terminators, and 10 Chaos Space Marines – plus five Chaos Space Marine transfer sheets comprising 364 decals.”



Dread Talons $230 €180 £140

 “For those who prefer their new Chaos Lords to roar down from the skies on a jet of profane fire, there is the Dread Talons Battleforce box. This mighty army concentrates more on the Lost and the Damned, comprising one new Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, one Daemon Prince, five Dark Commune, eight Accursed Cultists, 10 Chaos Cultists, and a bodyguard of 10 Chaos Space Marine Raptors (which can also be built as Warp Talons). You also get five Chaos Space Marine transfer sheets.”

Combat Patrol : Chaos Space Marines $160 €125 £95

 “Zarakan’s Daemonkin are the new Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol. It’s a coven of Chaos Cultists whose wildest dreams have come true in the form of 10 Chaos Space Marines, five Possessed, and a Master of Possession. This force of 26 miniatures is rounded out by 10 Cultists, and full rules for using them in games of Combat Patrol can be found in the new Codex. For larger games of Warhammer 40,000, this force provides an army of around 460 points. “


Chaos Cultist Firebrand $35 €27 £12 (estimated)

 “Even the lowliest rabble of Chaos Cultists needs someone to crack the whip and roast their enemies, and the Cultist Firebrand is the man with the plan. His balefire pike produces D6+3 S5 automatic hits, while his Fiery Faith allows an attached unit of Cultists to reroll Leadership tests. This is the first time this single-pose miniature has been available separately.”

Chaos Space Marines Datasheet Cards $35 €25 £20

Chaos Space Marines Dice $32 €23 £18

 “Take the fight to the devotees of the Corpse Emperor in suitable style with these Chaos Space Marines Datasheet Cards and Dice. The former contains 48 Datasheet Cards for games of Warhammer 40,000, and four for Combat Patrol, with another covering the Army Rule. There are 16 six-sided dice in red with black details and the eight-pointed star of Chaos on the six face.”


Death to the False Emperor!


Author: Larry Vela
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