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Warhammer 40K: New Chaos Combat Patrol Pricing Breakdown

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May 10 2024

The new Chaos Combat Patrol could be a good intro into becoming your very own heretical warband leader. But is it a good deal?

Games Workshop announced a new Chaos Combat Patrol box is coming. We know the price point is going to be $160 — as that’s the Combat Patrols price point (for now). But let’s take a look at the contents and figure out if this is a good deal. And we’ve got a look at some of their rules, too. We might as well check those out while we’re at it!

Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol Breakdown

Zarakan’s Daemonkin

Master of Possession $35

10x Chaos Space Marines $65

5x Possessed $60

10x Chaos Cultists $50

Total Individual MSRP: $210


Total Savings: $50

Depending on how you feel about Cultists this might be a deal for you. If you’re going to lean into the Master of Possession, Possessed, and Cultists then sure — this could perfect for you. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of those units but YMMV. I will say this box would be a nice companion to the Veterans of the Long War as it can round out some of those units. You could also make the case that it could slot in nicely with the Dread Talons box, too.

If you’re completely new to Warhammer 40,000 and want to start an instant Chaos Space Marine collection you could just purchase all three boxes and be good to go for a bit. You’ll probably need to invest into some transportation for all your infantry…but we’re getting a bit off topic.

As far as the Combat Patrol rules go, GW did drop us a few teasery bits. They also gave us a bit of a play-by-play on how to run this as part of a Combat Patrol encounter.


via Warhammer Community

“Just like their wretched Loyalist kin, the Chaos Space Marines are masters of a wide range of battlefield tactics. Despite miles of ornate trim and spikes, they are Astartes warriors through and through – with the advantage of horrific mutations and Dark Pacts forged with the Ruinous Powers. “

Combat Patrol Tactics

First up, use those Chaos Cultists to take objectives and soak up fire. They are Battleline, so they have that going for them. The 10 Chaos Legionaries are your real anchor for the army. Just like in previous editions, they bring a mix of weapons to do multiple roles — mass boltgun and Heavy Bolter fire for infantry with a Meltagun, and Plasma Pistol for more armored targets. Ideally they soften things up while the Possessed close the gap and mop-up in Close Combat.

All the while you’ve got the Master of Possession (Zarkan) calling the shots. He’s got access to the Vindictive Strategy Stratagem that allows for a bonus to your shooting attacks vs units that are below their starting strength. And it gets more potent if they even below half strength, too.

And then there’s also Foul Zealotry for a boost when you make your Dark Pacts. Personally, I think this could have potential in a Combat Patrol game where the play area is smaller and games happen a lot faster. I think that’s where close combat elements can actually perform well. I wouldn’t want to just double down on two copies of this box and take it to a full game table however.


I think this Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol is a good start for new players and people interested in Combat Patrol games, specifically. Based on the savings and the unit composition inside the box, Veteran Chaos Marines players will probably pass on this one — because you probably own everything in there already.


I do like the new Possessed Sculpts though…

Author: Adam Harrison
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