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Warhammer: The Old World – New ‘Warhammer Armoury’ Weapons Coming To A LARP Near You

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May 8 2024

Games Workshop has teamed up with Burgschneider to release a new line of LARP-safe weapons. Say hello to the Warhammer Armoury.

This one is for all your LARPers and Cosplay fans out there. If you’ve had dreams of wielding LARP-safe weapons from Warhammer: The Old World then your time is coming. The Warhammer Armoury is looking to produce a range of high quality replicas you can wear and wield — and look good doing it.

via Warhammer Community

“Burgschneider announced a range of fantastic Empire cosplay costumes in March, and they’re following up with an armoury of weapons. The first wave will include Empire daggers, swords, and a flamberge as wielded by the Empire Greatswords of old.”

Warhammer Armoury Weapons

These weapons have been pulled from the sculpts and range from The Old World to really get that Warhammer feel. Now, if you’re wondering what makes these LARP-safe, it’s the material.



“This summer bring home The Old World in a whole new way, with Costuming, Armour, Latex Weapons, and Accessories from the Empire of Man. Designed with the durability and functionality Burgschneider is best known for, these costumes find themselves at home in a range of activities from Tabletop Sessions with friends to Cosplay and LARP.”

Checking out other weapons on the Burgschneider website, they use a range of materials like latex, high-performance PU foam, fiberglass, and more. These replicas are perfect for Cosplay as well. They make a nice pairing with their upcoming range of Warhammer: The Old World costuming and armor as well.

If you want to stay up to date on these products you can apply for early access on their website. And yes, they’ve got plenty more weapons planned. There’s talk of more Polearms incoming soon…



LARP-safe weapons with Cosplay quality looks? Sounds like a winner to me!

Author: Adam Harrison
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