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Age of Sigmar: ‘Idoneth Deepkin’ Faction Focus – The Soulraiders

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Jun 4 2024

The deep is calling. What force rises from the ethersea? It’s the Idoneth Deepkin raiding the shores for souls in this Faction Focus!

Games Workshop is continuing its previews for the new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Today’s Faction Focus is on the deepsea warriors of the Idoneth Deepkin. With their ability to strike anywhere the ethersea currents take them, they are hunting for souls. Let’s see how they will perform on the tabletop in the new edition!

“As the eight realms fell into the grip of Chaos, the reclusive Idoneth were forced to take part in the war. Though they often fight alongside duardin, aelven, and human allies, the Idoneth Deepkin make for fearsome but extremely fickle allies – as their primary goal is always the survival of their own kind.”

Warhammer Community

Idoneth Deepkin Battle Traits

First up from the Deepkin, we have the Ethersea Voyagers. This ability allows them to interact with the next ability, Raiders From The Deep, for some deployment shenanigans. Raiders allow them to deploy on any battlefield edge outside of 9″ of an enemy unit. While you can’t drop your whole army in that way, you can at least drop in a few units for an early-game swipe or objective steal.

Their next ability is the Tides of Death. This is basically the return of their previous tide cycle army-wide rule — but with some tweaks. You can see the whole cycle above as the abilities change from Low to Flood, to High, and finally to Ebb Tide. I’m wondering if there’s going to be ways to manipulate the tide from say a special character or spell…

Idoneth Deepkin Battle Formations

Up next we get a look at one Battle Formation. This is the Akhelian Beastmasters formation and it provides a nice boost to Akhelian units.

“Other battle formations employed by the Idoneth Deepkin rely on the superlative sorcerers of the Isharann, the Namarti auxiliaries who hurl themselves into combat to protect their Akhelian masters, or the devious hit-and-run tactics of an ambushing soul-raid.”

It sounds like they are also getting four total Battle Formations which is in line with what we’ve seen thus far from other Faction Focus articles. I’m curious to see what those will end up being.

Idoneth Deepkin Spells

The Lore of the Deep is back, and we’ve got a short look at one spell. It’s Steed of Tides, which is basically a nice way to move a unit across the board — or even out of combat. Just drop them more than 9″ away from all enemies.

You can bet there will be even more spells from the deep coming soon.


Idoneth Deepkin Warscrolls

By now, I hope you know the drill. GW has dropped four more warscrolls from the army, showcasing various units. It’s a nice spread as we get one of the Eidolons, a Tidecaster, the Allopex, and Ishlaen Guard. I know there was a mean Ishlaen Guard build during the previous editions, but it sort of fell out of favor. It’s going to be fun to see if the Deepkin can rise back to the top. But for now, check out the warscrolls below.

Idoneth Deepkin Spearhead – Soulraid Hunt


  • 1x Isharann Soulscryer
  • 1x Akhelian Allopex
  • 3x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard, which can alternatively be built as Akhelian Ishlaen Guard
  • 10x Namarti Thralls

And yep, you guessed it. This is the same as the current Spearhead box. I’m still showing the price at $140 as well. I don’t know if that’s going to be the case by the start of next week.

Anyhow, here’s a look at the Battle Traits in Spearhead. It’s not dissimilar and should be a great way to learn the basics of this army.

That’s it for the Idoneth Deepkin Faction Focus. We’ll have to see how these Deepsea Raiders fair in the new edition!


Protect ya soul!

Author: Adam Harrison
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