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Age of Sigmar: ‘Lumineth Realm-lords’ Faction Focus – The Power of Hysh

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Jun 11 2024

The Lumineth Realm-lords are next up for the Faction Focus from Games Workshop. Will they bring the light of perfection in the new edition?

When the Archmage Teclis teamed-up with the Spirit of the Hysh Celennar, he formed an alliance to create a better Hysh. This sustainable coexistence lead to a unification of the Lumineth Realm-lords and a powerhouse of an army. The Lumineth’s strive for perfection supplemented by the guidance from aelementors has made quite the formidable force. But how does all that translate to the tabletop? Let’s find out!

via Warhammer Community

“The Lumineth Realm-lords are perspicacious paragons who present a gleaming template for all other mortals to follow. These effortlessly superior aelves bring enlightenment to the realms, driving out corruption with blade and sorcery and striving for true perfection.”

Lumineth Realm-lords Battle Traits


The Lightning Reactions of the Lumineth are back. They get to activate two units in combat instead of just one. Anyone engaging with them in melee should be aware that getting in with two Lumineth units is going to make for a painful experience. Their Facet of War abilities also can be used every battle round now as well. You only get to use one but depending on the unit you’ve got options. Shining Company is -1 to be hit while Power of Hysh grant Vanari units crit hits on unmodified 5+ rolls. Deep Thinkers can also give your Scinari a casting boost. Enduring As Rock grants Alarith units some extra Rend defence and Move Like The Wind benefits Hurakan units with a bonus move.

This is a big change overall for the army. I’m curious about the rest of the rules they’ll have access to. I’m also curious to see how the army will play on the tabletop now. Let’s get into those Battle Formations next!


Lumineth Realm-lords Battle Formations

“The warhosts of the Lumineth are made up of warriors of different disciplines, all striking in synchronised fashion – though usually one aspect takes the lead. The Alarith Temple battle formation draws on the Alarith Fortitude its acolytes are well known for, allowing it to use the Enduring as Rock Facet of War alongside another, every battle round.”

Alarith Fortitude is actually really strong for anyone looking to run a lot of Alarith units! The fact that you can always have Enduring as Rock up every battle round in addition to one of the other options is good. But there are also other Lumineth formations for Vanari, Scinari, and Hurakan themed armies. And yes, each will be able to use their Facet of War in a similar way!

Lumineth Realm-lords Arcana – Manifestations of Hysh

Games Workshop has dropped one of the Manifestations of Hysh here with a look at the casting of it and the warscroll as well.


This isn’t a Manifestionation you can attack but it can still be banished. It seems like a nice casting bonus as well. The extra wizard level, the ward, and the extra range are all nice benefits.

Lumineth Realm-lords Warscrolls

Naturally, we’re also getting a look more Warscrolls from the Lumineth Realm-lords, too. It’s a good mix of heroes and units to check out. From the twins Ellania and Ellathor to the mighty Sevireth, Lord of the Seven winds. We also get a closer look at the hard hitting Alarith Stoneguard and the humble yet plentiful Vanari Auralan Warders.



Lumineth Realm-lords Spearhead – Glittering Phalanx

The Glittering Phalanx might not have the most intimidating name but it’s no push over. Comprised of the current Vanguard box, it’s a great starting point for any aspiring Lumineth Realm-lords player. While it’s not flashy, it’s got a lot of the core units you’d want in your collection.


  • 1x Scinari Cathallar
  • 5x Vanari Bladelords
  • 10x Vanari Auralan Wardens
  • 10x Vanari Auralan Sentinels

We also have a look at their battle traits for the spearhead and they mirror the ones above. And finally we also get a look at the Vanari Bladelords which is a potent melee unit. Watch out for them in melee!


That’s it for the Lumineth Realm-lords Faction Focus. It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of their rules shape up. I’m very curious about the playstyle of this army moving forward with the new Facets of War. The army doesn’t seem quite as “book-keepy” as before (and I think that’s a good thing). We’ll have to wait for the full rules but I think you might want to keep an eye out for the Lumineth Realm-lords in this edition!


Do you like the changes? What other unit warscrolls would you have liked to see?

Author: Adam Harrison
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