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Age of Sigmar: ‘Ossiarch Bonereapers’ Faction Focus – Relentless Discipline On Display

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Jun 7 2024

The Osseous Host has returned with a Faction Focus from Games Workshop. Let’s see how the Ossiarch Bonereapers will look in Age of Sigmar.


via Warhammer Community

“The Ossiarch Bonereapers are intricate masterworks of necromancy, raw bone reshaped by cunning magic into components for macabre legionaries, each animated by a careful blend of souls. They operate without dissent, led by generals who do not waver, a perfect and precise weapon that exists only to further the will of Nagash.”

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battle Traits

The Battle Traits of the Ossiarch Bonereapers once again relies on the Relentless Disciple rule. It’s changed once again, too:

“The implacable legions battle with Relentless Discipline, following the dictates of their commanders. In each of the Movement, Charge, and Combat phases, Ossiarch Bonereapers have a choice of two abilities, allowing a single HERO to instruct all the troops around them.”

Basically, in each phase, OBR units can choose which of the two Relentless Disciple effects they want to kick in and it’s based on the hero using them ability now. This is a big change from previous editions as it’s no longer “just” bonus Command Points to spend. And I’ll be honest this looks potent! It’s going to depend on positioning and well managed “ranks” but that seems like something the Ossiarch Bonereapers are good at. I’m really excited about that +1 to wound with the Bludegon effect. I also like the Counter-strike option, too.

Ossiarch Bonereaper Battle Formation

Once again there are four Battle Formations to choose from. Here we get a look at one formation with the Mortisan Council. This is just a flat +1 to Ossiarch Bonereapers Infantry Wizards. Sorry Arkhan The Black, no extra +1 to casting for you. Still, that’s a nice across the board casting boost for them.


“Other formations employ massed Mortek Crawler artillery in fortified positions to obliterate key targets, tireless cavalry to ride out ahead of their armies, or endless waves of Mortek Guard that grind down the enemy.”

Lore of the Ossian Sorcery

The Ossiarch Bonereapers are getting their own spell lore (again). Here we have the ever popular Empower Nadirite Weapons. The target unit gets melee hits to crit on unmodified 5+ rolls when this is active.

It’s worth noting that every nadirite weapon also comes standard with Crit (2 hits). So you’re getting quite a few hits in when your unit rolls a bunch of 5+ to hit rolls.


Ossiarch Bonereapers Warscrolls

We get a look at four new warscrolls from the Ossiarch Bonereapers. As a bonus, and because he was already revealed with an Ossiarch Bonereaper Warscroll, I’m including Nagash in the mix. Why? Because he’s Nagash. Aside from that check out all the warscrolls and see how they’ve been changed.






As a OBR player myself, those are some gnarly changes. There’s some good and some bad coming my way with this army. I’m not thrilled with the changes to the Necropolis Stalkers aspects. I like the “no ward rolls” but man some of these options are kind of weird to me. Eh, I’m going to wait to see what their points ended up working out to before judging too hard though. They were my personal favorite unit in the army (aside from say Katakros). But now I”m not sure about their damage output. You’re really relying on spiking those crit hits now.

Ossiarch Bonereapers Spearhead – Tithe-Reaper Echelon


You guessed it, the Spearhead is the exact same as the current Spearhead box.



  • 1x Mortisan Soulreaper
  • 1x Gothizzar Harvester
  • 5x Kavalos Deathriders
  • 20x Mortek Guard

This is actually a solid foundation for an Ossiarch Bonereapers army in general. So if you’re looking to start (or just dabble with them) pick this one up. You’ve still got a couple days before the price hike hits.

Aside from that, their Battle Traits are kind of a nod to their old army wide ability in the sense they are getting two CP around instead of just one.

We also have a look at how the Kavalos Deathriders will work in Spearhead.

The Ossiarch Bonereapers are coming to collect those tithes. Will they be as dangerous in the new edition? I’m certainly going to find out when we get their full rules!



What do you think of the Ossiarch Bonereapers new rules?

Author: Adam Harrison
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