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Corvus Belli: June Releases For ‘Infinity’ – Roller Derby Time

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Jun 8 2024

Corvus Belli has a new batch of miniatures coming out this month for Infinity. It’s time to grind down the competition — Roller Derby style!

Infinity is back with some really great miniatures. This month there’s releases for quite a few factions but the one that really stood out to me was the Dire Foes Mission Pack 14: Blocking Zone. It appears a Roller Derby Jammer is on the field and ready to lap her opponents to snag some points! Or maybe she’s just looking to check some foolish opponents in her way. Check out all the releases from Corvus Belli this month:

Corvus Belli June 2024 Releases

Libertos (Submachine gun)

Armies: NA2

It’s time to recover lost pride, to take up arms, and rise up against the oppressor. The time has come for us to fight to regain our own destiny. And if it means that we must kill each and every one of the PanOceanians on this planet, and all those traitorous submissive slaves Omn who collaborate with them, then so be it! Death to the PanOceanian oppressor!

This blister includes one mercenary Liberto with a Submachine gun. There is nothing more lethal than a guerrilla fighter willing to die for freedom.



ALEPH Support Pack Beta

Armies: ALEPH / Operations Subsection of the SSS / Imperial Service

Sophotects are field technical support and medical assistance operatives. They have been designed, trained, and equipped for keeping ALEPH’s personnel and equipment on the march during special operations or rescue missions.

This box includes six miniatures: one Sophotect with Combi Rifle, two Yudbots, and three Netrods. This box is a great complement to provide specialized troops and orders to your ALEPH Force from Operation: Blackwind.


Reinf. Brigadier Jacques Bruant (AP Spitfire)

Armies: Ariadna / USAriadna Ranger Force / Tartary Army Corps / Kosmoflot

Bruant is not a hero, not in the classical way at least, but he will do anything to survive; and he is the kind of person who considers it an outrage that someone tries to kill him, so he will always attempt to take down anyone trying to do so.

This box includes one miniature of Jacques Bruant with AP Spitfire. The perfect complement to your Ariadna reinforcements. There will be no armor able to resist to Bruant and his AP Spitfire.


Dire Foes Mission Pack 14: Blocking Zone


Armies: O-12 / Torchlight Brigade/ Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor

In the dynamic and vibrant world of Roller Derby, the fast roller-skating contact sport, blocking zones are those parts of the body where it is permissible to hit another skater when blocking.

Unfortunately for Gol-Pol Marshal Sonya Lacroix and Vortex Lupe Balboa, in the rougher street version of the Human Sphere, these zones are very large. So even tough girls like them can get more than seriously bruised when investigating alien tech smuggling in the most brutal circuit of the Human Sphere’s lawless zones.

This box includes 3 miniatures: Sonya Lacroix with MULTI Rifle, Lupe Balboa with Combi Rifle, and one Roller Girl. With this box, you can not only expand your collection of Infinity miniatures, but you will get new options for your army—giving them personality with these two heroes—and also a neutral model to play missions and scenarios.

Moran, Maasai Hunters

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor


The Maasai warriors, called Moran, became the hunters of the Nomad Military Force. Designated as Light Infantry, every one of them is a seasoned scout. Their duties in the NMF include intelligence gathering, that is, serving the role of the army’s forward eyes and ears.

This box includes 6 miniatures: One Moran with Combi Rifle, one Moran with Boarding Shotgun, and 4 CrazyKoalas. If you are looking for powerful tabletop control, the Moran Maasai are the best choice. Their CrazyKoalas will frustrate the enemy advance and their Repeaters will extend the area of effect of your Hackers.

All of these products are coming from Corvus Belli on June 27th, 2024. Happy Hunting!

Author: Adam Harrison
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