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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Five More Street Level Villains We Want

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Jun 8 2024

Marvel: Crisis Protocol needs to add some Threat level 2’s and 3’s to the mix and these Street Level Villains would be perfect.

Alright MCP fans, we’re about to get a little obscure with some of these characters but it’s for a reason. It really seems like a lot the newer releases are Threat Level 4 with an occasional 3 or 5 mixed in. And I get it. We’re dealing with Superheroes and Villains, right? Well, sometimes you don’t want to call on Thor to do battle with Thanos. Sometimes you just want to have a bunch of cheap dudes that can cause problems — or at least overwhelm the heroes with numbers. Or maybe you just want a Threat Level 2 or 3 to round out those final few points in a list…(which happens to me more times than I can count).

Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to reach back into the deep, deep depths of Marvel Comics and pull out some villains that fit the bill. Some of them can hold their own against their respective hero — but that’s probably because the heroes were holding back.



Hammerhead – Marvel Comics

Hammerhead is a crime boss and is often at odds with the likes of Spider-Man. He’s appeared in the Spider-Man cartoon but also has appeared in Spider-Man comics over the years. But really Hammerhead’s thing is, well, his oddly shaped head. But that odd head isn’t just for looks – it’s a flat top and apparently it’s made of adamantium!

Other than his head, he doesn’t really have any other super powers. He doesn’t fly, he can’t shoot energy blasts out of his body, and he’s not exactly super durable (except for his head…apparently). Oh and he does have some level of Superhuman strength on account of the head implants. I think he’d be a hilarious edition to MCP as a Threat Level 2. And hey, if your characters get close enough so he can headbutt them, they deserve it.


Okay, so this is another weird one and twofer to boot. Did you know there were actually two different Bushmasters? The first one (and arguably more popular post-Netflix’s Luke Cage) is the OG Bushmaster named John McIver. In the comics, he’s a crime boss who attempted to have a similar experiment done to him as Luke Cage. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out and he actually died.

This Bushmaster’s son (named Cruz Bushmaster) also attempted to resurrect his father. It worked. Kinda. But Luke Cage and Ironfist managed to stop those plans and (once again) things backfired for Bushmaster and he died. Again.


The second Bushmaster (or third if you’re counting Cruz) is actually the brother of John. His name is Quincy McIver. He had the misfortune of getting his limbs chopped off in a boating “accident” and, while his brother ran off to run a crime family in Europe, Quincy got in with Roxxon Oil Company. The oil company used it’s money to give him bionic arms and replaced his legs with a bionic snake tail. Why? Well because of a long drawn out legal dispute that won him the rights to sue the company for environmental damage, physical deformities, and emotional damages. The bionics were a settlement option. BECAUSE COMICS, duh!

This snake-man Bushmaster joined the Serpent Society (yes, it’s a thing because, again, comics). He’s the second one pictured above.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d rather see the Bushmaster from the TV Show as a street level threat in MCP. But this will probably never happen.

Mister Negative

Mister Negative – Marvel Comics

Mister Negative is a weird one. The short explanation is that he’s a Chinese gangster and crime boss who got “black electricity powers” similar to a photographic negative. This energy allows him to heal with a touch but also gives him mind control powers, superhuman strength and reflexes, and he can also charge melee weapons with this energy.


He’s also got another personality known as Martin Li who operates a soup kitchen and is a philanthropist. He’s been known to tangle with Spider-Man as well. But perhaps most interestingly (at least to me) is that he’s one of the reasons for Anti-Venom.

Anyhow, I think he’d be another weird and interesting addition to the roster of MCP characters. Hey, if Wong can be a TL 2 healer/support guy then why not Mister Negative?!


Tarantula – Marvel Comics

No, The Tarantula isn’t just a Spider-Man knock off…this guy can’t even crawl on walls. But apparently he can jump really well. Okay, he can kinda crawl on walls with his retractable blades in his costume — but does that count with all the damage? Eh, whatever. The point is that he’s a villain! He’s had run-ins with Spider-Man and The Punisher and at one point he even tries to undergo an experiment to get super powers like Spider-Man. But that doesn’t work out and he goes waaay more into the “Man-Spider” side of things. To be honest, his real super power is probably diplomatic immunity.

I think he’d be a fun/goofy addition to the game. He’s at least a talented hand-to-hand combatant and he’s got “envenomed” claws on his fingers and toe-claws. Sounds like a Threat Level 2 if I’ve ever heard of one.


Chameleon – Marvel Comics

Chameleon is a master of disguise and elite spy master. He can flawlessly mimic the appearance and mannerisms of just about anyone. He’s also the half-brother of Kraven the Hunter which I’m sure leads to some hijinx at Thanksgiving. He also appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 making him the very first member of Spider-man’s rogues gallery!

As one of Spider-man’s oldest foes, I’m a little surprised he hasn’t gotten more attention over the years. Maybe Atomic Mass Games can think of a fun way to bring him into MCP…or maybe he’s already there!



Alright folks, that’s it for this wacky villain list. What street level threat would you like to see added to Marvel: Crisis Protocol?

Author: Adam Harrison
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