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GW, Warhammer, 40K & Fantasy Minis Trivia Challenge – June 21st

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Jun 21 2024
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It’s Friday! Kick off your weekend with this retro challenge for the old-schoolers out there.

What ancient Games Workshop, 40K, and Warhammer minis are these? 

Everyone loves a trivia challenge, and Games Workshop has been cranking them out since the 1970s. Over the decades, GW has been making miniatures for everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Star Trek, Judge Dredd, Lord of the Rings, all the flavors of Warhammer, and too many others to count.  

So take a minute to go over some samples from the days of yore and see if you can figure these out…

  • What System is it from?
  • What Miniature is it?
  • What Year did it come out?
  • Oh yeah, most importantly… HAVE FUN!

Let’s see who the minis loremaster really is.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

Last Week’s Minis (L to R): Harlequin High Avatar (40K-RT), Heinrich Kemmler – The Lichmaster (WFB), Adeptus Mechanicus Squat Tech-priest (40K-RT)

Author: Larry Vela
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