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The Stormlight Archive RPG Gets an Official Kickstarter Date and Sweet New Trailer

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Jun 7 2024

This year, the official Stormlight Archive tabletop RPG has an official Kickstarter date: August 6th. The campaign is going to be huge.

Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive series is getting an official tabletop roleplaying game. We’ve known this for a while. It was announced an impossible to imagine “two whole years ago”, with a planned release date of 2024. Seriously, imagining 2024 in 2022 is like asking people in 2020 to imagine later in 2020. Impossible gulfs of time exist between now and then.

Between 2022 and 2024, the oceans drank Atlantis, and the sons of Aryas rose. Conan strode the world and sat astride the jeweled throne of Aquilonia in an age undreamed of before 2024 came around. But somehow, against the odds, here we are.

Today, Brotherwise Games, developers of The Stormlight Archive RPG, announced the Kickstarter Date: August 6th. This is absolutely perfect. You can sign up to be notified and learn more below.

The Stormlight Archive RPG Heads to Kickstarter on August 6th

Announced on Twitter, Brotherwise Games teased both the release date and a video showcasing some of the excellent artwork that will fill the pages of these books. You may also have seen some of the miniatures that you’ll have at your disposal.

Per the announcement, the Stormlight Archive RPG Kickstarter Campaign is August 6th. But along with it, Beta Playtesting rules will be made available to everyone:

The Stormlight Archive TTRPG goes live on Kickstarter on Tuesday, August 6th!

With with the launch of the campaign, Beta Playtesting materials will be made available – this will include detailed rules, the resources you need to build your first character, and an introductory adventure.

If author Sanderson’s novel Kickstarters are any indication, this is probably going to be one of the biggest RPG Kickstarters of the year. I mean, there are no guarantees, of course (outside of death and taxes).

But it feels pretty safe to say that Stormlight Archive fans are horny for any kind of content. And an RPG is exactly the sort of mental thirst trap that will satisfy their wildest desires: getting to argue over the minutiae of the rules of the magic of the world. I mean, that’s basically it. Forget adventure. Forget “romancing” NPCs; heck, forget fleshing out the far corners of the world unexplored in the story. It’s all just arguing about the rules of magic.


But now, there’ll be a book that breaks down the rules. You can hear the comical cash register cha-ching just thinking about it.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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