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This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Big & Teensy Space Marine Legions Arrive!

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Jun 10 2024

We return to the Grimdark with a new range of  Space Marines for Horus Heresy and Legions Imperialis! Take a look at these prices.

This week GW is bringing out the new goodies for the Space Marine Legions in both big and teensy scales! Here’s the latest goodies:

GW says all of these kits go up for preorder on June 15, and have a street date of June 29.

Legion Astartes Command Squads (Mk III & Mk.VI) $52 €41 £31.50 apiece

 “Praetors and Centurions from the Legiones Astartes often surround themselves with a Command Squad of trusted Chosen veterans, who carry the Legion’s colours and defend their leader as the enemy closes in. Two new Command Squad boxes add squads of five Chosen in either MKVI or MKIII power armour. Each is armed with power swords and combat shields, while one hoists a large and detailed Legion banner with your choice of Loyalist or Traitor iconography.

If you already have the MKVI and MKIII Tactical Marine bodies handy and just need the upgrades to turn them into a Command Squad of your own, the Legion Command Upgrade Set has all of the new pieces contained in the other boxes, including crested helmets, artificer pauldrons, and a variety of other accessories.”

Legion Astartes Battle Group $178.50 €145 £110

 “Unleash the might of a classic Space Marine combined arms force with the Legiones Astartes Battle Group for Legions Imperialis, bringing a diverse range of units together into a flexible and powerful army that’s ideal for beginners or for expanding an existing collection. This boxed set contains a huge assortment of miniatures: four Kratos Heavy Tanks, 10 Rhino transports, four Leviathan Dreadnoughts, four Deredeo Dreadnoughts, four Rapier batteries, four Tarantulas, two Command Squads, eight Tactical Legionary bases, two Terminator bases, two Assault Marine bases, (deep breath) four Support Legionary bases, four Contemptor Dreadnoughts, four Outrider bases, six Scimitar jetbike bases, four Javelins, and four Land Speeders. “


Solar Auxilia Battle Group $178.50 €145 £110

 “Space Marines not your style? Tackle the Age of Darkness via the best human troops in the galaxy with the Solar Auxilia Battle Group, a massive collection of miniatures that will have you showing those Legiones Astartes upstarts who’s boss in no time. The Battle Group contains, in no particular order: two Baneblade super-heavy tanks that can alternately be built as Hellhammers, 12 Rapier batteries, four Cyclops remote bombs, 12 Tarantula sentry guns, two Legate Commander bases, eight Auxiliary bases, four Veletarii bases, four Auxiliary bases with flamers, four Charonite Ogryn bases, four Aethon Heavy Sentinels, six Dracosan transport tanks, and eight Leman Russ Strike tanks outfitted with battle cannons or Vanquisher cannons.”

Legion Astartes Predator Squadron $52 €41 £31.50

 “Add armoured support to your Space Marine army with a squadron of iconic Predator tanks, packing either a Predator cannon or twin-linked lascannons, with a choice of heavy bolter or lascannon sponsons. You get six tanks in a box, along with a sheet of 1,118 decals

Leman Russ Strike Squadron $52 €41 £31.50

 “Need even more Leman Russ squadrons to roll over the enemies of mankind? Add another eight Strike tanks to your roster with the choice between a versatile battle cannon and the anti-tank Vanquisher cannon. You also get to pick between a heavy bolter or lascannon on the hull.”


Cerastus Knights – Archeron/Castigator $79 €62 £47

Acastus Knights – Porphyrion $60 €45 £37.50

Thunderbolt Fighter Squadron $52 €41 £31.50

Avenger Strike Fighters $52 €41 £31.50

Storm Eagle Squadron $52 €41 £31.50

Xiphon Interceptor Squadron $52 €41 £31.50

Fire Raptor Gunship Squadron $52 €41 £31.50

Civitas Imperialis $52 €41 £31.50

Civitas Imperialis Spires $44 €34 £27

Warmaster Iconoclast Heavy Battle Titan $178.50 €145 £110

 “There’s also a whole raft of Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis models returning to the range, for use in Legions Imperialis. You’ll find venerable Knights, Titans, and a variety of fighter jets up for pre-order next week, as well as two sets of modular Imperial city terrain.”


Death to the False Emperor!

Author: Larry Vela
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