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Warhammer 40K: The Greatest Power Fists In The Grimdark

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Jun 3 2024

The Imperium of Mankind has had some impressive weapons but these 40K Power Fists swing above the rest!

First of all, some Power Fist basics:

“A power fist (aka power glove) is a large metal gauntlet surrounded by an energy field that disrupts solid matter. The power fist is large and slow in combat, and so the bearer must be willing to take damage before they can strike back. The benefits of the power fist are that it increases the user’s strength, much like Power Armor, due to the extra power put in by the cybernetics which allow it to move, and the energy field it emits tends to tear solid matter apart.”

There are many weapons that the Space Marines and the rest of the Imperium use to smite their enemies. However, the Power Fist is not only one of the most iconic it’s also the one that require the wielder to get the closest to their target. In fact, that’s one of the biggest downsides to the weapon — the bearer is likely going to take almost as good as they give! The good news is if the bearer is using one of these unique Power Fists there’s a good chance they’re used to the risks and have lived through more than a few close contacts with the enemy.

Fist of Dragos

Well, maybe not all the bearers as we start things off with the Fist of Dragos. This Power Fist was an overcharged version wielded by Brother Dragos who was seconded to the Deathwatch. He had a constant need to modify and adjust his weapon. This particular weapon had a built in Meltagun just to keep things interesting. Unfortunately for Dragos he might have pushed a little too hard and the Machine Spirit pushed back.

via Lexicanum

His obsession was finally ended when his overcharged meltagun exploded in his hand as he attacked an Ork Dreadnought. His power fist was recovered intact along with his mangled body.

Oops. Maybe don’t piss off the machine spirit next time.


Hand of Defiance

This unique Power Fist is wielded by Captain Tor Garadon of the Imperial Fists. It’s got some custom work of its own with the extra punch designed for siege breaking in particular. Originally it dated back to the Great Crusade and there have been few that were deemed worthy to wield the relic. Garadon’s victories as a Captain of the 3rd Company helped to prove himself worthy of the relic and he has used it with much success! You do NOT want to get punched by this one.

Gauntlets of Ultramar

The Gauntlets of Ultramar have a unique history. They were Power Fists with built-in bolters that were reclaimed from a Chaos Champion. Who “recovered” them? None other than the Primarch Roboute Guilliman himself. The inner workings of these adamantine-shelled gauntlets are still a bit of a mystery. That said, they are wielded with great proficiency by Chapter Master Marneus Calgar who has Guilliman’s Blessing to continue to use them in battle. And use them he does! And speaking of the Primarch…

Hand of Dominion


The Hand of Dominion was a Power Fist with built-in Bolter that was one of the many weapons owned by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman. It was an iconic weapon that was of not only surpassing quality but also seen by the Ultramarines Legion as a symbol of their Primarch’s might and authority. Upon his resurrection, the Hand of Dominion was returned to Guilliman. The weapon now incorporated into the Armour of Fate and modified to include an integrated boltgun.

This weapon truly is a powerful symbol of not just the Ultramarines but also of the Imperium. Sure, it’s can be overshadowed by the fact that Guilliman is a Primarch who’s also got the Emperor’s Sword…but don’t think for one second that this Power Fist just hangs out by the sidelines in fights. It packs a wallop at range and up close and, because it’s wielded by a Primarch, it’s also one of the hardest hitting weapons in close combat. In the current edition, Guilliman swings at Strength 14 with it — that’s good enough to wound a Land Raider on 3+ so keep that in mind!


Power Fist from Dawn of War 3

Ever wanted to see a Power Fist in action? Don’t worry because GW has you covered.



Author: Adam Harrison
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