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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Unleashes the ‘Corsairs of Captain Flariel’

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Jun 11 2024

Vicious sea dogs and Dark Elf reavers await in a new piratical book Corsairs of Captain Flariel for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, available now from Cubicle 7.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is legendary for many reasons. The setting is grim, dark, and perilous. It’s also full of hilarious ways to die. Including one method that has remained a classic through the ages: death by pirates. As we all know, death by pirates is good.

And death by pirates in the Old World? That’s about as good as you’re going to get. And pirates is exactly what you’ll find in the Corsairs of Captain Flariel, a new supplement that has rules for bands of antagonists for WFRP. Inside you’ll find Dark Elf Corsairs and their ships, but you’ll also find rules for all sorts of pirates.

Norscan nautilists, Bretonnian buccaneers, Goblin plunderers (look there isn’t a good word for pirate that starts with “g”), these and more await inside The Corsairs of Captain Flariel.

The Corsairs of Captain Flariel

When clouds cover the moon and the sea fog rolls in, the Dark Elves strike from their sleek vessels. Cloaked corsairs swing onto enemy ships or slink into remote coastal villages, the air ringing with cruel laughter and the sound of slaughter. They seek plunder or captives, bound for a life of misery in frozen Naggaroth.

The Corsairs of Captain Flariel is one of a series of supplements detailing bands of antagonists for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It provides information on Dark Elf Corsairs and suggestions for encounters and plot hooks. It also includes a profile for a Dark Elf ravenship, compatible with the rules in Sea of Claws. An introduction to the malign practices of Dark Magic is also provided.

As you might expect from the big book o’ Warhammer Pirates, this supplement is full of rules for dying at the hands of a passel of privateers. Within it you’ll find templates that you can use to create any sort of pirates out of the creatures in the WFRP core rulebook.

But you’ll also find four important characters from Flariel’s crew, including Captain Flariel, the Sorceress Rakaria, Corvian Sabeth master of hounds, and Cynwra, a captive plotting an uprising against the Dark Elves.

All of these are meant to be used in whatever adventure you see fit. It’s a band of antagonists ready to threaten your players… but also ready to hook them in on a new adventure, as they try to exploit the tensions between Flariel’s crew.

You can see for yourself today at Cubicle 7.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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