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While ‘Terraria’ Rolls Out Another Final Update, Check Out ‘Terraria: The Board Game’ on Kickstarter Now

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Jun 8 2024

Terraria may have started as a 2D Minecraft inspired game. But it’s quickly become a whole new beast in and of itself. And now it’s a board game too!

Already blowing past $1,000,000 on the Kickstarter campaign for Terraria: The Board Game, and there’s still plenty of days left to go. I’ve been playing Terraria for years so, this is one game I was very interested to check out in more detail. So let’s dig into it!

Terraria: The Board Game Overview

Terraria: The Board Game is a cooperative game for 1-4 players. The goal of the players is to complete your chosen objectives before the days run out or your respawns are depleted. The designers have said their goal in creating the game was to distill the essence of Terraria down to a satisfying gameplay loop that anyone can enjoy.

A simple deckbuilding foundation at its core and a flexible action point system, Terraria: The Board Game keeps the game moving forward quickly and easily, even as the world grows and expands.

Just like in the video game, players will be exploring various biomes, creating a unique world each time they play. But Terraria is more than just the surface world and the board game is no different. Digging deep underground reveals caverns, monsters, treasure chests. But those who dig too deep and too greedily might find themselves in a bit of a hot spot.

But while you’re gathering all your resources, you’ll want to use them too! Players will be able to build bases to unlock new crafting receips and invite NPCs for other advantages. You’ll need these improved weapons and armor to take on the toughest bosses.

There have been a lot of board game adaptations of video games coming out lately. Sea of Thieves, Don’t Starve, and Worms, just to name a few. As a big fan of video games and board games, I gotta say, this has been a great year for me!

Terraria seems like a board game that is ready for expansions. And I hope even a few fan mods, to really lean into the video game roots. I’m excited to see what it has in store as it hits shelves.

Author: Matt Sall
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