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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Seraphon

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Jul 18 2024

Today take a look at the basics of how to play Age of Sigmar Seraphon- the synergistic, supernatural Star-Lizards!

With magical supremacy powered by Azyr, the cold-blooded forces of the Seraphon tame the forces of Chaos across the Mortal Realms. While the Coalesced Seraphon settled the land of the Realms, the Starborne strike from vast temple-ships wherever evil takes refuge. If you want to play an elite army that has layered synergies and gorgeous models, you’ll want to check out these reptilian warriors.

Who are the Seraphon?

The Seraphon are lead by the Slann, who spend most of their time in deep meditation, communicating telepathically with each other, attempting to gain vision of the future and interpret the will of the Old Ones. The known world is only a small element of the ancient plan that the Slann still try to serve.

During this they are attended by the Skinks and carefully guarded by the mighty Saurus Temple Guard. In these states of serene contemplation a Slann will appear dead to the casual observer, not moving for centuries and only speaking to mutter some half understood prophecies that the Skink Priests must decipher the true meaning of. While the rest of the Seraphon obey the Slann without question, the fact that Slann spend most of their time in meditation means that the day-to-day running of Seraphon society is often left up to the Skinks, and the commanding of armies to the Saurus.

Why Play Seraphon?

The lizard boys are a lot of fun and simultaneously, the Seraphon excel at reliably chipping away damage,  units punching above their weight class, and a variety of builds. You’ll have many unit types, so you really need to focus on  overall play versus leaning into lots of complicated Warscroll rules.

Seraphon Strengths

  • Spell supremacy- Seraphon still have some of the best wizards in the game.
  • Unit variety- large number of units to compete in all phases of the game- spells, combat, and shooting are all on the menu.
  • Beautiful new model range.

Seraphon Weaknesses

  • Unless going very heavy into Skinks, you will be outnumbered and have no extra mechanics for claiming objectives.

Signature  Seraphon Rules

Battle Traits

  • The Great Plan– Pick one of the Asterism abilities during deployment.
  • Further the Great Plan– Pick a second Asterism at the start of round 3 if you have met certain conditions.
  • Itzl the Tamer/Quetzl the Preserver/Sotek the Deliverer/Tepok the Seer– All four Asterism abilities are powerful buffs that impact your entire army.

Battle Formations

  • Eternal Starhost– Teleport during that game with Celestial Translocation.
  • Shadowstrike Starhost– three Skink units get to move during your Shooting phase.
  • Sunclaw Starhost– three Saurus/Kroxigor units get an end of turn pile-in and chance to deal mortal wounds.
  • Thunderquake Starhost– Monsters get two extra Health.

Heroic Traits

  • Being of the Stars– Ignore all save modifiers.
  • Reptilian Cunning– can issue a free “All-out Attack” when you charge.
  • Beastmaster– aura of increased movement for Monsters and Cavalry.


  • Coatl Familiar– Once per battle roll an extra dice when casting a spell.
  • Incandescent Rectrices– Heal(D3) each Hero Phase.
  • Bloodrage Pendant– add one attack to all melee profiles or two if half-damaged.



Key Seraphon Units

There are quite a few warscrolls in the battletome, so here’s a quick rundown.

Lord Kroak

The big grand dad mummy frog is a wizard supreme. Add in the ability to cast through Skink casters and a full Heal if he doesn’t bite the dust.

Slann Starmaster

The Starmaster is one of the preeminent spell casters in the game. Celestial Reinforcements means the Slann can keep bring back replacement units. No matter what, they have access to an excellent spell lore.


Saurus Scar-Veteran on Aggradon

A great medium-sized melee character, the Aggrodon riding Scar-Veteran is a huge benefit to Aggrodon Lancers thanks to Alpha Roar. Not to mention, it’ll put out a good amount of damage on its own.

Oldblood on Carnosaur

This is an exellent damage-dealing monster Hero, but that’s not all. The Oldblood also buffs charge rolls for Saurus and reduce enemy Control Scores with Terror.

Saurus Warriors

The classic Seraphon troops, Saurus are tough  and dish out a reliable, if not amazing, amount of damage.

Aggradon Lancers

These vicious Cavalry are a premiere combat unit for the Seraphon, and the longer they are stuck in the harder they hit!


Whether Hunters or Chargers, Raptadons look great and are super quick! Really think about fielding these fierce dinos in Shadowstrike Starhost- they are expensive, but very vast and greatly benefit from the free movement.


Spawn of Chotec

This big critter is a living artillery piece. The neat part is that those who take damage from its acidic bile have their armour reduced for the remainder of the turn.



Sample Seraphon Army

Faction: Seraphon
– Battle Formation: Eternal Starhost

Regiment 1
10 Saurus Guard

Regiment 2
Scar-Vet on Carnosaur
6 Aggrodons
6 Aggrodons
3 Aggrodons

Seraphon art


~By the Will of the Old Ones…

Author: Allen Campbell
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