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Goatboy’s Grimdark Armylist: Chaos Knight Big Boiz

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Jul 5 2024

Goatboy here with a Chaos Knight list that brings only the big boiz to the tabletop.  I hope you like giant lances!

There has to be some kind of army that could run five big knights and be annoying?  Maybe in team games?  Maybe just as a nice fun meme list?  Maybe it could be a place to put all your converted Kytan War Machines and create a dope army of monsters that are gonna lock you down?

I love big monsters and while the Chaos Knight detachment rule leaves a lot to be desired, I do wonder if having a giant army of Chaos Knight boiz might actually be a nice meme list to take in a team event.  I don’t know about you, but team events are pretty dope.  They let players engage with weird armies to try and mess up match ups, create some interesting interactions, and just let players not have to win the game to help win the round for the team.

Meet Five Beefy Chaos Knight Boiz

This leads me to thinking having five Chaos Knight giants on the tabletop with their new rules about ignoring terrain might lead to something.  Especially those that go faster than normal and can get there and start the punch fest quickly.  Hello Knight Lancer! It is just a ton of wounds on the table that is very hard to chew through, especially when they are all about getting close to you.  Plus, the Big Boiz list would be super fast and fun to play.

With that, here is a pile of nonsense.  I remember seeing an army years ago at LVO that had three Kytans from Forge World in it, and thought “that would be a cool army to have”!  I would think doing that with minis these would lead to a really neat-looking pile of plastic – or do the crazy Ork idea I always had for giant Ork messed up models.  It wouldn’t win a lot but it would look cool as heck and probably win some Players Choice awards. Onto the list:

Chaos Knight Big Boiz


Chaos Cerastus Knight Lancer – Warlord – 420pts


Chaos Cerastus Knight Lance – 420pts

Knight Rampager – 380pts
Knight Rampager – 380pts
Knight Rampager – 380pts

Pts: 1980


Chaos Knight Big Boiz Tactics

This is a pretty simple list, and with the changes to Knights “ignoring” terrain it might be decent again in a Team Tournament environment.  If your team is facing an army or two that doesn’t like a ton of armor – well they won’t like five Knights that will definitely get close to them and punch anything in the face.  The Lancers are a threat with free Tank Shocks and a ton of damage potential as well as the Rampager that can Advance and charge while being battle-shocked.  It’s just one of those armies that would look great on a display board and inspire fear in players as they think – can I chew through five of these jerks in time, and still focus on the mission?

CHARGE – for the Warmaster!

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