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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – ‘Battle for Asgard’ Terrain Pack Leaves Nowhere To Hide

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Jul 5 2024

There’s no stealthing around the Battle for Asgard Terrain Pack with these optional one-shot rules. The Light of Hope shines on us all!

Last month we got a look at the Asgardian Shrine Terrain and the optional one-shot rules you can use. This time around we’ve got the Battle of Asgard Terrain Pack and it’s bringing a way to beef-up your games.

via Atomic Mass Games (Facebook)

“Add the Battle for Asgard Terrain Pack to your Marvel: Crisis Protocol games and use its one-shot card to embrace thematic gameplay and create new narrative opportunities.”

Battle For Asgard Terrain Pack

Once again I’m excited about these new one-shot rules and terrain packs. The one-shot rules are optional, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. However, this one has the added benefit of allow you to play with a higher Threat Level than a typical game can have — in this case an extra +3. As far as I can tell, the highest Threat Level missions are 20 so playing with a squad that has 23 points to play with is a nice bump.

The rule itself is also kind of interesting. This one-shot allows you to place two or more Beacon of Heroes terrain features on the battlefield. They can’t be within range 2 of any other terrain. And, while this card is in effect for the game, characters within range 3 of the Beacon of Heroes don’t get to benefit from the Stealth Superpower. That means they can be targeted.



I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the flaming pillars and braziers are representations of the Beacon of Heroes. Regardless if you’re wanting to use the one-shot rules or not, this terrain set pairs extremely well with the Asgardian Shrine. And don’t forget about the additional Asgardians coming soon either. I did a write-up and model showcase for that character pack as well.


Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Battle for Asgard Terrain Pack $64.99


Bring the might and beauty of Asgard to your Marvel: Crisis Protocol games with this expansion pack full of themed scatter terrain. These terrain elements feature ancient crumbling stone statues and ruins, flaming braziers, and more. This set also includes optional rules for players to use with the terrain to keep things interesting. 

The release date is slated for August 2, 2024. So be on the lookout for the Asgardians to make their way to a battlefield tabletop near you!


I wonder what the extra node is for and if that will also get some special interactive rules…

Author: Adam Harrison
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