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Warhammer 40K: The Next 10th Edition Codexes Are?

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Jul 2 2024

Goatboy here and we all want to know what to expect from the next Warhammer 40K codexes. Here’s what I’m expecting.

Goatboy here and it feels like it has been a minute since we last had an update on what is next in Warhammer 40K.  We just had a big batch of rules releases, and even mission changes but still no idea what is next codex-wise?  The hot mess really is what the heck do we as players build on or try next?

If I wanted to bet any kind of money I would expect what’s coming pretty quickly is all the other Marine mini codexes.  It feels like a big batch of no-brainer choices as Space Marines are some of the most popular armies mixed with having a ton of stuff that hasn’t been updated yet.  It might be a chance for Nottingham to refresh and revitalize the Marine mini-armies a bit and let them remove some of the “problem” builds that are out there in the meta, mainly abusing weapons options new players can’t easily get anymore.

Blood Angels Need Cleanup

This leads me to think we’ll see Codex: Blood Angels before most of the other things.  With the Pariah Nexus stuff and the whole “Blood Angels vs Necron” stuff we might get a nice update for the space vampires sooner than later.  I could see GW really shrinking some of their codex lineup, getting units in line with what’s in the mini boxes, and the chance to update some iconic miniatures.  I don’t know what they would do detachment wise for the Blood Angels, as the index one isn’t bad as it can do a lot of damage as needed.  I just feel the chapter really just needs to be cleaned up, fixed up, and finally bring models into line with what they should be able to take based on the minis out of the box.

Space Wolves Need Better Rules

This leads me into Space Wolves. While I don’t think they need a ton of cleanup on what their units can take, I do think we could see some sweet new Thunder Wolf Character actions to help shore up the choices.  Or GW could just get rid of a few obsolete things depending on how they feel about the army.  Really, GW just needs to make something in a Space Wolves detachment that either gives them Advance and Charge, gives those units that ability on their datasheet, or just something a bit more interesting to break them out of the Jail setup a bit.

Deathwatch & Grey Knights – Standalone or Not?

The Deathwatch army is also a weird one, and we will see if they continue as a separate codex, or get folded into something broader. I can see them continuing as it would be a simple rules update.  We’ll just have to see as the Deathwatch just feels like a simple codex with a basic detachment and a handful of dataslates. But hey – who knows?  It just feels like a simple quick release that would be easy to knock out.  It would be the same with Grey Knights too. We’ll wait if the rumors hold true for Grey Knights being folded into a broader codex as well – possibly returning to their original 4th Edition Witchhunters/Daemonhunters form.


The Other Codexes?

What do you think is going to be next?  Are we going to see some clean up on the other Bad Guy armies?  I don’t think will see Aeldari anytime soon but Drukhari has to be on the radar with us getting an updated detachment that felt very locked in?   Or are we going to get a Chaos book with either Daemons with little updates, Thousand Sons with fixes, or just finally getting a real Death Guard release?

Or does this all pale when we are waiting on the Giants of 40K with Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights?  The rumors point to something updated/new. I hope we’ll get a nice update in a few weeks as everything settles down after the new AoS Skaventide.

Who do you think is coming next?


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