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Warhammer Next Week: Time to Read, Nerds It’s a Black Library Jamboree

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Jul 7 2024

Next week is a big one for the Black Library, proving that even in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, reading is fundamental.

Knowledge is power. And in many cases in 40K that’s literally true, as cursed knowledge opens up arcane power, allowing you to open rifts in reality or make people’s heads explode or infest them with magic murder plagues. Good times, for sure. But that maxim flows in reverse as well. Power is knowledge. And knowledge is books.

So by extension, books is power. Power which Games Workshop wants to put in your hands with next week’s pre-order releases. Age of Sigmar is still enjoying it’s new edition honeymoon phase, but next week is all about the story.

The lore, for those of you who want to find new details to bring up while arguing civilly with strangers on the internet, also gets some fun in the sun. Let’s take a look.

Black Library Blowout – Ahriman Undying and Lelh Hesiperax

There are two big new novels this coming week, starting with Ahriman Undying by John French:

Throughout his travels the sorcerer lord of the Thousand Sons has been searching for a way to restore his cursed Legion. Ahriman may just have found his chance in Ahriman: Undying, the fifth novel in the series by John French, as he’s finally got his hands on the Necron device known as the Key of Infinity, but his moment of triumph is solitary.

But Lelith Hesperax, 40K’s Queen of Knives also takes center stage in Lelith Hesperax: Queen of Knives.

An assassin’s blade drags Lelith Hesperax back to the Dark City for a blood-soaked return to form in the regular release of Mike Brooks’s new novel, Lelith Hesperax: Queen of Knives. Pretenders to Lelith’s crown have infested the arena in her absence, and with Asdrubael Vect himself pulling the strings of a murderous game, her blades may not be enough to save her this time.

And accompanying these new hardcovers, several other stories get paperbacks, including:

  • Fall of Cadia
  • Genefather
  • Siege of Vraks (Now in German)
  • Lazarus: Enmity’s Edge (Now in German)


Author: J.R. Zambrano
  • Goatboy’s Grimdark Armylist: Chaos Knight Big Boiz