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Mental Training and Wargaming: Gaining The Mental Edge

Hobby Sherpa 4 Minute Read November 23

How can gamers gain a mental edge over their opponents?  Athletes have been doing it for decades and so can you. The Importance of Mental TrainingPerformance Psychology studies what successful people do.  Study after study has proven that if you take a group of competitors with equal abilities and one receives mental training and one […]

Mental Training and Wargaming: The Three-Minute Champion

Hobby Sherpa 4 Minute Read November 16

How to go from soul crushing defeat to the mindset of a champion in 3 minutes! We’ve All Been There…Imagine this: you’re playing in a large Warhammer 40k tournament with your 22 kill point Dark Eldar army.  The next mission is Purge the Alien.  What is your mindset?  You look at your match up and […]