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BFG HOBBY: Nebulas

Guest Columnist 3 Minute Read January 13

++Nebulas++Written by: grey_death With the Babad War Campaign build up that went down in 2009 from BoLS, I was bitten by the Battlefleet Gothic bug. It started out by just buying and painting up my Sons of Medusa Battle Barge “The Might of Heracles”. As I started reading the rules for BFG, I began to […]

40k Painting: Salamanders

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read July 21

Here are some pics of some of the Salamanders I’ve been painting up for the Badab War this fall. When I pick an army, 75% of my decision is in how much I like the color scheme. That’s what drew me to the Salamanders: their true green armor with a touch of black, accented with […]