40K Hobby: Aventine’s Necrons From the Depths

Aventine here folks.  I’ve been busily painting up my my newly-risen Necron Tombworld.  Lets take a look. 

So I have always really liked Necrons. They had that nostalgic Terminator aesthetic plopped into my favorite fictional universe. I never started a whole army though, primarily because of their lack of variety and somewhat dry back story. Obviously the newest Codex changed both of those factors quite dramatically. That was all I needed to start my new army.

I didn’t want my army to be the same ol’ drybrushed Boltgun (Leadbelcher now?) you see everywhere, nor did I want my army to look like it was made of glazed ceramics, so something else had to be done. With Necrons being basically Undead in space (innnnn SPAAAAAACCCEEE) I thought perhaps a classic risen from the earth motif could complement their look. So trying to search for ideas on this theme I came across Marco Schulze’s “Terror from the Black Lagoon” Necrons. Those models provided me with considerable inspiration (even though his are on a whole different level).

So this is what I’ve done so far:

The Earth King, Phaeron of Ib
This is my first Overlord on a Catacomb Command Barge. For this model I used GW trees to create his “throne”. As with all the models I have used my basic basing sand on different parts of the model, as well as glue-soaked surgical gauze for hanging detritus.

Here is the Overlord off his Barge. I didn’t think the super intricate Finecast Overlord was appropriate for this army’s look, so I used a Lychguard with a Deathmark head as the basis.

The C’tan Shard of the Manchurian
A pretty basic conversion for my C’tan. I love the Deceiver, but hate its head. Enter Wraithguard head. Saw this swap for a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince on Spiky Bitz, liked it, stole it. I painted his body with a stone-like finish.

Some of my basic Immortals. For the infantry models I used small found twigs instead of GW tree bitz.The gauze came into play on these models for thicker masses of muck.

Here is a close up on them. The one in the middle is my favorite; he has a whole little plant on his shoulder!

One of my Heavy Destroyers. I converted the barrel using the Immortals Gauss Blasters.


A couple of the new Canoptek Spyders. I threw in the SM to show how freakin’ big these guys are (my positioning did them no favors). I’m pretty sure these are my favorite models in the new line; they are extremely dynamic.

Up next is some Warriors, more Destroyers, Scarabs, and a pair of Scythes. I’ll throw out another post with the completed army and display board in a couple months.

Keep it classy, folks.

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