GENCON 2013 – Mantic, Privateer & Malifaux

Time for the final installment of our Gen Con Coverage lets take a look at all the goodies from these companies and even more surprises!


Today we start it off with Mantic. They had a lot of cool new Dreadball stuff to show off.

In addition to the models they had a preview of a mat they’re working on for a multiplayer expansion that will allow up to six to play.

There were also Basileans on display.

They looked a lot more impressive in person than on the pictures I’ve seen on the web.

And of course there was this guy, from Mantic’s big announcement awhile back.

They didn’t have anything for Deadzone yet, with the exception of some of these early terrain tile samples. I think they’ll be pretty popular.

I stopped by the Mercs booth to see what new stuff they were showing off.

They also had some pics of prototypes from their highly successful Myth Kickstarter campaign.

Up next we have some shots of Ninja Division’s Robotech RPG Tactics.

And finally we’ve made it to the Privateer Press booth. Here is staff painter Matt diPietro looking a little odd under the harsh light of his painting lamp. But hey, look what he’s holding! It’s the Rhulic Colossal that was teased at Lock and Load.

Apparently this limited edition Butcher 3 was like a really big deal or something.

The new plastic champs looked really sweet in person. They’re so much bigger than my old metal ones.

And the Warders.

Here’s the 2013 limited edition mini, the Steelsoul Keg Protector.

Rathluk, the Tinker and Eiryss 3.

Some of the limited edition lesser warcasters were in attendance.

Here are some of those Silver Line StormGuard.

This was the first time anyone got to see the Optifex Directive.

And man look at the P3 Masters winning entry. I think it’s Marike Reimer based on the style. Also I know she was there. But don’t quote me.

Up next was Wargames Factory who had some cool Eisenkern Troopers to show off.


And a cool painted Leviathan.

And another one.

Last but certainly not least we have Wyrd Miniatures.
They finally had some of their plastics painted up.

Including cases full of unpainted plastics new and old.

I got to take some of the newer plastics out of the case for close-ups. 

The detail was extremely impressive to say the least. 

I haven’t actually played any Malifaux since it went to plastic, and with the new 2E rules out I may have to do something about that.

And I guess I’ll go out with this pic of the Wendigo. Yes, the little monster here is the mini. That guild guard is just a scenic base.
~I had a blast in Indianapolis this year as always and I’m already looking forward to 2014! Sorry if I missed anything. I only had about five hours on the floor and there’s so much to see.

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