Privateer Press: New Mini Unveilings

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It’s a great time to be a Warmachine player.  Here are this week’s latest miniature unveilings for the Iron Kingdoms:


Meat Thresher (Minion – Farrow) $69.99

The meat thresher is a rolling death machine conceived of twisted farrow ingenuity and built of plunder. A scorching-hot steel cylinder holding panicked razor boars provides locomotion and is also the meat thresher’s primary weaponry, flattening foes under its crushing weight. Those that escape being ground to pulp are mowed down by heavy-caliber rounds from the hailer mounted atop this surprisingly effective contraption.



Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate (Skorne) $22.99

Supreme Aptimus Zaal exemplified the power of the extoller caste, whether communing with the honored dead or leading a host of ancestral guardians and immortals in battle. Mortally wounded in one such battle against Ios, Zaal refused to surrender to the Void, preserving himself with his last breath. His devoted followers recovered his sacral stone and fused him into a new form worthy of his stature. Zaal retains leadership of his caste as the Ancestral Advocate, and both his will and his connection to the spirit realm are stronger than ever.



Savio Montero Acosta (Cygnar) $17.99

The Ordsman Savio Montero Acosta is determined to test himself against the finest melee combatants the Iron Kingdoms has to offer in his relentless pursuit of martial transcendence. As an unabashed Thamarite and a master swordsman, Acosta regards perfecting his own abilities to be the highest calling. Armed with twin storm glaives, a legacy of his time fighting alongside Cygnar’s Malcontents, this duelist faces down the mightiest of foes. Few combatants can hope to match his prowess—and those are precisely the opponents he seeks most fervently.



Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye (Mercs – Steelhead) $15.99

A former physician who has turned his skills to the ceaseless conflicts of western Immoren, Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye is highly esteemed by those under his command. Verendrye has found his place in the bloody press of melee, employing his medical expertise to keep his men standing and using his keen battlefield acumen to lead them to victory.



Thyron, Sword of truth (Retribution) $22.99

A master of House Ellowuyr’s unique swordfighting discipline, Thyron matches stillness with blurring speed. He is a tempest of sharpened steel, a paragon of Ellowuyr’s art of war. His command of his army is not unlike his technique with a blade. He stages quick bouts and feints with myrmidons and soldiers to draw out the opponent’s strength. When he perceives a weakness in the enemy line, he guides his army like a sword thrust directly at the enemy’s heart.



Iron Fang Uhlans (Khador) $99.99

Serving as the forward fighting arm of an Iron Fang contingent, Iron Fang Uhlans are often the first to ride into the enemy. These mounted Iron Fangs fluidly ride together and meld classical horselord cavalry tactics with the shoulder-to-shoulder fighting formations customary of Iron Fang assaults. The armored horses are so powerful they have been known to knock warjacks to the ground, and they can easily crush an enemy’s skull under their spike-shod hooves.



My gosh – I love the Meat Thresher – It slices, It dices, it can cut through a tin can, and if you order NOW, you get a free set of ceramic steak knives!*


*really, you don’t…  
  • Nythrulas

    Damn, is the meatthresher piloted by a warlock engineer eating warpstone?

    Because it’s definitely not EXACTLY a Skaven Doomwheel.

    • Balodek

      A quick Google image search reveals that you are correct, they are not the same.

      • Nythrulas

        You’re right. This Doomwheel is piloted by pigs with other pigs in a hamster wheel with a gun on top, as opposed to the Skaven Doomwheel, which is piloted by rats with other rats in a hamster wheel with a gun out front. Totally different. I concede my point.

        • Balodek

          Not sure why you’re conceding to me, I agree with you completely that they’re nothing alike.

        • Lucas Scarpati

          I agree with the concession. Although it would make a killer conversion if you swap out the pigs with some mice.

          • Balodek

            But then you don’t get bacon when the battle is over…

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            That actually is my favorite part of the fluff. They cook the pigs and eat them after at the celebration feast!

      • Nythrulas

        Apparently, I’m throwing too much snark into this, so I’ll tone it down.

        The meat thresher is very similar in concept (though less in appearance) to the Skaven Doomwheel. They are both giant wheels, made from scavenged parts, by anthropomorphised animals, powered by lesser members of their own species, that are intended to kill via crushing enemies under their wheel, with the backup of a shooting attack.

        Given that WFB and WM are the two most popular fantasy miniatures games… they are aware of one another’s products. Given that the Skaven Doomwheel has existed for several decades, clearly PP is stealing a concept. Sure, it’s changed enough for legal purposes, but the theft is patently obvious.

        I am no GW fanboy, and am loathe to come to their defense, but come on. This is a Doomwheel.

        • Balodek

          I understood your snark, I dismissed it because you’re grasping at straws. A pig powered steamroller with a gatling cannon on top is not the same as a rat powered hamster wheel with an arcane cannon out the front. If you ignore the pigs inside the wheel do they even begin to look the same? At all? No. Did PP decide to throw some pigs in the middle because it’s a fun nod to the twisted minds of the farrow as well as their lack of access to powerful steam engines? Yes.

          So yeah, I dismiss your argument as being the same we see every time PP comes out with a model that might resemble a GW model to those typing on a braille keyboard. You want to meet in the Mantic posts and talk about copying IP, I will happily agree with you. But PP is a company that has been around plenty long enough to come up with models that meet the ascetic of their own game without needing to copy GW.

          • Nythrulas

            You’re right. If you ignore the pigs on the inside, it looks more like a Death Rolla from Blood Bowl.

          • Balodek

            I’m sorry you have to be right so badly that you would make such an asinine statement. For your sake I will not engage you further in this argument.

          • zeno666

            You win 😉

        • mikethefish

          I’m sorry, but they are only similar when viewed from a VERY broad lense. I don’t particularly care who copied who here – I just don’t agree with the “obvious” copying you are stating

        • Gridloc

          How is that a doomwheel? First off, they look nothing alike, I’m sorry that a non-human species discovered the wheel. Kinda makes it hard to model anything with out it. On top of that, this is a machine designed to slam into targets and destroy them and shred them and cook them all in one easy machine. The doomwheel is a machine designed to shoot lasers in a fantasy setting.

          In addition, the fact that the pigs pushing the wheel are being forced by being roasted alive and then eaten afterward seems vastly different than a rat who gets off work after steering a wheel and goes back home to his many rat children.

        • amaximus167

          They all stole the idea from the Flintstones

        • Gentle_Ben

          You know this isn’t even the first time the doomwheel has been ripped off? Apparently there’s this thing that looks just like it used for road construction. Called a steamroller apparently. Shameful… Just come up with your own ideas already people.

        • zeno666

          And a car is a bicycle

        • Noridaii

          I totally agree. Thyron too is another example of this. Its an elf, with legs, and arms, carrying a sword. GW should totally sue PP for IP infringement. He also has a head for gods sake! Its just unbelievable. PP aren’t even trying to hide their thievery!

          • wibbling

            All right, easy does it.

            As the saying goes: there’s nothing new under the sun. Those rat men/lizardmen come from Conan, after all.

            Power armour? Heinlein. Biological supermen? Tiger Tiger (and plenty of others). Chaos star? Elric. The Emperor and Horus? God and Lucifer. Heck, Milton wrote about it.

            I like this take on it. It’s not ‘original’ but it is to Privateer. Credit to them for a good concept that suits the fluff well.

            Heck, their cyborg angels look a lot like Wyrd’s Kaeris!

            However, I would like plastic models. And variety. I appreciate it is absurd and demanding, but the restic and soft plastic most of the Privateer line is made with isn’t nice to work with.

          • Noridaii

            Actually I totally agree with you wibbling. (I’m actually not trolling this time) GW have a far superior plastic product that I wish PP would emulate. of course its too late for the 5 factions I already own…

          • zeno666

            Then you will be happy to know that the Meat Threasher is made out of the “new” hard plastic 🙂
            Don’t worry, PP is listening to their fans

          • EndreFodstad

            Rat Men come from Lankhmar 🙂 Regarding the Meat Tresher, people must live very sheltered lives if they have never seen a steamroller.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            ILL met indeed!

    • Nythrulas

      You’re right. This Doomwheel is piloted by pigs with other pigs in a hamster wheel with a gun on top, as opposed to the Skaven Doomwheel, which is piloted by rats with other rats in a hamster wheel with a gun out front. Totally different.

    • Rich_B

      In fact it’s a spiky steamroller crossed with a hog roast, whereas the doom wheel is a pair of giant spiky hamster wheels. Nothing alike. Unless a Ferrari is also the same as a doomwheel because it has… wheels?

      • SacTownBrian

        Exactly alike.

    • Talos2

      Do you mean doom flayer?

    • Blizzard Entertainment would like a word with you…

      • Nythrulas

        Considering the Skaven Doomwheel is at least ten years older than that game… I think not.

        • Yes, and? Conceptually, the Meat Thresher is much more closely related to the Meat Wagon than it is to a Doomwheel. A Doomwheel is a darkly humorous take on a hamster wheel. The other two are darkly humorous takes on a lawn mower.

  • Lucas Scarpati

    Oooh… Zaal had an accident…

    • zeno666

      I recommend you to read the story in No Quarter #60

      • Lucas Scarpati

        Excellent; thought I’d have to wait for the book!

  • Talos2

    $23 for a small metal model? Even fw would blush

    • Balodek

      $23 for a model you only need to buy once is not unreasonable.

      • wibbling

        And that $23 is not for the materials or the model. It’s the sculptor, the artist, the photographer, the packaging, the production.

        • Talos2

          The sculptor has done a great job and deserves recognition, but I’m afraid metal just puts me off. I really can’t be bothered with the hassle any more. do pp employ a photographer? Its overpriced, but sadly that is where the hobby has gone. Gw have used fw as their Canary to test what they can get away with for years and pp has certainly climbed aboard that train.

    • Gridloc

      its on a medium base, so more in line with GW pricing. But you are right, its a bit much. I love PP but much like GW, the price of models is high compared to their competitors.

      • Gridloc

        Never mind, GW tops them in cost.

        • zeno666

          Haha of course they do.
          PP’s model also comes with rules.
          GW’s model has been released again, and again, and again, and again, so nothing new about it.

  • Noridaii

    Thyrons rules look really interesting and offer some new options for the faction. I’m looking forward to running him and bunch of elvish racist ninjas.

    I’m also loving the fact that Savio is included as a model now. He is a totally kick-ass character from the book ‘Into the Storm’ which I thoroughly enjoyed – particularly the audio book. PP’s best book IMHO.

  • The best part about the Meat Thresher is that it’s the good hard plastic that intelligent companies use, not that soft faux-resin crap Privateer has been pushing since mkII.

    HOPEFULLY, the fact that they were willing to use it for a model with lots of rounded and organic shapes (the things they claimed that kind of plastic was “bad at” not long ago) is the first sign that they’re joining the rest of the industry in using injection-molded hard plastic like they ought to have five years ago.

  • Jabberwokk