40K: The Next 2 Codexes Are…


An industry insider talks about the next two codexes to hit the Grimdark.

We’ve been hearing a steady drumbeat since February when Deathwatch Overkill arrived. When it was apparent GW had a hit on their hands it was only a matter of time till they tried to bring the magic to the 40K tabletop.


An industry insider with a sterling track record tells BoLS:

The next two Warhammer 40,000 codexes are:

  • Codex Deathwatch
  • Codex Genestealer Cult

We’ve been hearing little tidbits about these for a bit, but this it yet another (quality) source chiming in, which is putting all the reliable rumormongers and insiders pointing in the same direction – which is what really matters in these types of rumor-mysteries.

Additionally he added some very interesting context:

  • Both of these books are complete.
  • These books are both slated for later this year (2016)
  • These books were not originally part of the GW strategic plan but were pushed into production quickly both to capitalize on the success of Deathwatch Overkill… AND… to shore up finances in the face of a toughening fiscal environment for the company.

We will find out all the details about GW’s fiscal year in a few weeks, but their interim report said they beat market expectations because of higher than expected license revenue. Note that this is in the fiscal year they rolled out Age of Sigmar with all the fanfare and lavish releases they could muster for the 52 weeks. With the last 40K codex updated being Tau Empire last November it has been 8 MONTHS since the last real 40K codex update.  It looks like GW has decided that it was time to give their primary game system new armies to get some sales spikes they could bank on.


I got a fever and the only prescription is more codexes!

You can find the earlier rumors on codex Deathwatch here:

Deathwatch Codex News & Rumors


~Have at it folks.

  • Tiberius

    oh good more marines

    • Fluffy the destroyer

      marines, i can take or leave
      more gribblies on the other hand…

    • Moik

      Yeah, but it’s inquisitional. That’s only one tier down from CSM in terms of not being marines.


    • deris87

      I hate marines as much as the next guy, but Death Watch are actually kind of interesting.

    • Zack Seiders

      Its the death watch. Think the space marine equivalent of the special forcers/ A team. Long as we have new models so the speak or the option to MAKE our own death watch chumps I would not care.

  • Andrew Webb

    Meh. They are not getting any more of my money till they fix nids, BA, DE, and CSM.

    • Fluffy the destroyer

      BA need fixing?

      • Andrew Webb

        Yes they certainly do. One of the worst codexes out there. When was the last time you saw them used as anything but a drop pod taxi service?

        • Fluffy the destroyer

          Fairly commonly actually….I have 2 friends who both play them as their main army

          • Djbz

            I use them, and I consider people who say they are the worst codex are exagerating,
            They are at the top end of the mid-teir codex in terms of power as far as I’m concerned.
            They can hold their own against post decurion codexes.
            And they are in a waay better position than Dark Eldar/Chaos/Orks and Tyranids

          • Drpx

            Well, when people say worst, they’re really saying worst out of the space marine codices. 40k is very much a tiered game.

          • And underneath the shadow of said codeces a very shady spot indeed.

          • As a player of both nids and BA, I’m gonna say nids are more comparative then BA. Flying circus is still a pretty good formation and even multiple FHT’s are really tough to deal with for that matter.

          • Zack Seiders

            that and some of the nid monsterous creatures are still good. “carnifex, flying hive tyrant and toxicrene being the few (even if the wraith knight being gargantuan is a kick in the toxicrenes non existent teeth)

          • babelfisk

            As a bug player with several competitive BA players in my local group, I agree that ‘nids are more competitive than BA.

            I disagree about carnifexs and toxicrene being on the still good list. Competitive nids is flying tyrants + whatever units best shore up their weaknesses in regards to the event that is being played in.

          • SYSTem050

            Shh he clearly means competitively when every thing is either awesomely broken or completely useless and should never be used. Some thing a filthy casual fluffy like us wouldn’t understand

          • Casaual games can still be dishearteneing against top tier stuff like gladius and wraithknights.

          • SYSTem050

            Very true I pick my units based on how cool they look, if they meet the theme of the army before finally seeing if the rules are any good. I am one of those weird people who always plays what I like rather than what wins

        • Commissar Molotov

          I run a 850pt Flesh Tearers Blood Rain Strike Force as an adjunct to other armies. It’s a nice little assault package. Blood Angels aren’t top-tier competitive, no, but they’re still plenty good.

        • Ronin

          You can’t even use that anymore because of the FAQ.

        • Brettila

          Yes, BA are TERRIBLE. They lost their shirts with their new codex; and basically everything but Dante is garbage.

      • Punisher

        Lol Are you kidding me? Compare BA codex, to SM or DA, Codex in term of powerlevel 😀 Just now the errata for Dreadnoughts at least made them on par with SM, DA dreadnoughts 4 base attacks 😀

        • Fluffy the destroyer

          Yeah…I was wondering why they were included in that
          having read their rules and been on the receiving end of them quite a few times, I don’t see anything wrong with em

          • Andrew Webb

            Which special rules? Shred? You must be a terrible player to be scared of them….

          • Fluffy the destroyer

            …Wow okay, go straight for the insults there, always a good idea. And I didn’t say special rules, I said rules. As in I own the codex.

          • Andrew Webb

            They are supposedly the pinnacle of CC dreads and had half the attacks of a vanilla shooty dread. In general when compared to Eldar, SM, Tau, Crons, DA, and SW, the BA codex is massively inferior. The Shield of Baal campaign is worthless except for the storyline. If you own the BA dex and can’t get the fact that it is rubbish…..

          • Fluffy the destroyer

            well the attacks thing got fixed by that all dreadnoughts FaQ
            Compared to DA inferior? I don’t think so, most of your units are the same except for one special rule different
            and your unique units are god damn incredible!
            165 points for five sanguinary guard? those things are great!
            Death company are nasty too
            Dante ruins almost anything that isn’t a heavily armoured vehicle, and he’s got a pistol to deal with those
            As for space wolves, well their unique units (as in no comparable equivalent in other codexes) are nasty as hell too, but their standard stuff? honestly mostly the same with minor differences
            Grey hunters are just tacticals without a heavy weapon option, and with counter attack (and for more points can have a close combat weapon)
            That’s really about it, nothing that makes the blood angels garbage
            when it comes down to it, space marines are still space marines, no matter the codex, just with minor rule tweaks here and there to fit the chapter. And there’s no way those that the blood angels have make them so bad as to be unplayable

          • Admittedly the main issue is that DA get a gladius that is quite potent.

          • Fluffy the destroyer

            Fair enough, since every army’s getting one now, a blood angels decurion style detachment is far from too much to ask for 😛

          • Ucheny .

            Oh dear there is so much you can learn.
            Why don’t you compare a 2+ rerollable jink with a plasmtalons and 5+ FNP?
            It’s basicly equal!
            Or majestic sanguinary guard – it’s so much better that wolf-cavalry with their 5 toughness 2 wounds 3++ shields, rendings and other garbage.
            BA is in orphan line with pre-decurion codicies – like CSM Tyranids Sisters Orks GK Dark Eldar Imperial guard. All this ARE codicies of 6-ed. They just didn’t catch up with 7th ed. and being a 6.5 edition codex is not so much better than simple 6ed.

            The only relif that BA get is an allies.

          • I think your unappreciateing the power of formations, the librarius conclave for all the other SM codecs for example.

          • nurglitch

            Technically it was an Errata.

          • BA have, among other things, a formation that allows them to bring 3 storm Ravens in, usually on turn 1 and allows any deep striking units within 12 to not scatter and charge the turn they DS. They also have a formation that gets them free power weapons on vanguard and combi weapons on sternguard. Comparing BA to CSM isn’t fair, they’re on a different tier of power level

          • Andrew Webb

            Yeah. And it’s over 1000 points base. You can’t use auger triangulation without deploying the tac marines as aura don’t work from inside the transport. So turn 2 attack from deep strike if you are lucky.
            The 2 VV 1 SGV 1 SR formatiom does not really work. Minimum of 860 points. Unless you are combining with the intervention Force it won’t do much until turn 3 if you are lucky.
            Taking these 2 formations is roughly 1900 points and means if you don’t get the intervention Force on the board turn 1 you auto lose as EVERYTHING starts in reserve.

      • Have you even conparestthem to the other SM, DA and SW codecs? Points wise they are more expensive, lower BS and WS on scouts and don’t get me started on the formations. I don’t want an instant win codex, just a more competitive one.
        That’s not to say BA are in need of an update more than the likes of CSM or the laughable sisters either.

    • Scott Resnick

      BA already have their 7E codex, and they just got the dreadnought fix. You’re just upset because they came out before the ‘Age of the Decurion’.

      They’ve even already had campaign supplements in 7E.

      • Andrew Webb

        Yeah. Try fitting any of those formations into a normal points game. Not to mention they are borderline useless compared to decurion style.

        • manouel35

          Why would you play formations ???
          and SW have the same issue, their formations are too overcosted…

          • Andrew Webb

            The SW have much stronger units. Particularly Thunder wolves and Wulfen. The Decurion style formations in Space Pixies, Nilla Marines, Fish face commies in space, and metal tomb kings all grant way too many buffs for an army that doesn’t have them to compete. Oh and the “free upgrades” the cog boys get…..

          • Scott Resnick

            So basically this complaint is ‘where’s my free stuff’?

          • That does seem accurate lol

          • manouel35

            seriously …
            you really act like a kid…
            in fact you are talking about a army that can spam 2 units and you think it’s strong ?
            I play a army like that : tyranids with flyrants and mawloc, mucolids,
            It’s not funny at all !

            I agree with you, they made too many formations with free upgrades in vanilla codex, but in SW (part from the iron wolves formation very pricey !!!) you d’ont have this !

            OH ! And sorry, you have grav-weapons, I don’t, and I don’t care, so stop whining

          • Skathrex

            Angels have Grav? I only know them from the complaints…but when they have Grav and are basically diffrent Marines…why are they complaining?

          • Andrew Webb

            SW have frost guns. Fail toughness test. Remove. The very very limited number of grav guns the BS can take is nothing compared to vanilla grav cents and grav devs.

          • manouel35

            Frost guns ? AHAHAHAHAHAH
            You really don’t know what about you are talking about , don’t you ? 🙂
            Yes we have it but it’s a hellfrost CANON we have for dreadnought and flyers, and a pistol for iron priest for 20 pts, and THAT’S ALL !

            And no you can take a grav-gun in each of your squad… oh in fact you can take a grav gun and combigrav in each your tactical squad ! so where are the so limited number of gravgun ?
            You don’t know your codex, that’s your problem !

          • Andrew Webb

            Oh and bucko, did you notice the bit where I said Nids sure need to be fixed as well?

          • manouel35

            I said it also dude…

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            So you want everything vanilla marines gets ON TOP of the BA extras…got it.

          • Andrew Webb

            Nope. Not looking for Centurions. Just a reasonable decurion style formation. They don’t have grav devs, just grav guns for tac and bike squads. Though it is actually SM that keep taking BA units over the history of the game, most recently the SR. In addition they now have no AA except for the Flakk missile. And Scott Resnik, which army do you play?

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            Those stupid decurions…Really wish those did not exist and I started playing 40K last year lol

          • Shawn

            The decurions can be a pain Sebestien, but I like them. They allow me to play my chapter (Iron Hands) in a fluffy way without having to resort to certain vanilla builds and/or units. (white scar bikes, UM deathstars, Imperial Fist bolter shenanigans) and be competitive. However, I do agree that some of it could have most certainly been toned down a bit across the entire gamut of factions. Unfortunately, some codices were quite powerful without formations and the space marine ones put them on a more equal footing. Now however, those factions got formations and the power creep continues.

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            If only they’re was more than one decurion per faction. Kinda boring to always see the same detachment over and over because it’s the only thing giving decent bonuses. I play KD (well not for long) and I hate having to shoehorn units I don’t want (possessed) into my force but if I don’t I lose the Blood Tithe which is pretty much what KD is about. So every game is basically the same build,as I don’t have 10k of pts to choose from…

          • Zack Seiders

            Tax units are a pain and I tend to forget about the possessed if I am going up against shooty heavy armies. But for most formations I seen the benefits out weigh the tax.

        • ZeeLobby

          This. So many options, none of them good.

    • manouel35

      I agree for DE and nids, I won’t give a penny to GW …

  • Ross Allan

    Pushed into production? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Forgive me if I file that under ‘utter nonsense’. Reckon they’re still coming though.

  • robert lane

    Good to know GW still don’t care about fixing Orks, CSM, Dark Eldar or Nids then.

    • Fluffy the destroyer

      What’s wrong with orks?

      • MaxisLithium

        Leadership mostly. But also problems with dealing with heavy armour at range. You rely on a power klaw to open a Land Raider, and the squad inside will assault you next turn if you do.

        There’s other stuff too.

        • Fluffy the destroyer

          True enough, although I rarely have that problem, not a lot of people I know actually use land raiders much these days

          • Shawn

            I love landraiders, especially a landraider crusader filled with thunder hammer stormshield terminators, lol

        • Scott Resnick

          Grey Knights give their regards.

        • Shawn

          Won’t have tons of orks fix that? I mean, can’t each unit of orks have like 30 boyz? If you are like me and just don’t like being tied to certain builds or lists to compete, I feel your pain.

          • charlie

            Yeh but you have to foot slog those boys over to the Land Raider. There certainly won’t be 30 left by the time they get there…

          • GulMek

            Do you realize how easy it is for most armies to kill 15 boyz and start forcing leadership tests? Then you’re either running or killing themselves… unless they’re stuck in combat AND you roll a 1. Plus all the elite and heavy units only go up to a 15 man squad size which means they do the same thing after 4 deaths and some of them don’t get the better leadership of the nob. Thats not all, but it’s the biggest problem. My biggest complaint about it is the old mob rule was even over powered and it was FLUFFY AS HELL

        • Zack Seiders

          The smasha gun is still an rng gun like the zzap gun. “even if it is better than the old gun”

        • nurglitch

          Why would you rely on a power klaw to open a Land Raider?

      • ILikeToColourRed

        in general its that they’re quite limited on what is usable, to just boyz with a nob+powerklaw (or artillery spam) as a lot of their elite choices seem to forget that bs2 sucks when being priced up

        • Fluffy the destroyer

          Fair enough, reasonable issues with em 😛
          Personally, I’ve never had too big a problem playing orks, but then getting up close has never been a problem for me
          my armies are trukkboy based, ard boyz in trukks rush up the field, get in the opponent’s face, give them minimal time to deal with multiple up close targets, and get choppy as fast as possible. it doesn’t ALWAYS work obviously, but it has proved effective

          • ILikeToColourRed

            oh i dont think orks fail to work in a standard environment, just that they dont have the uber-cheese option

      • Ryan Davis

        Ok now I know your a troll orcs die in mass in close combat (where they are supposed to shine) and BA are over priced compared to there vanilla counterparts with less chapter tactics. Stop asking stupid questions.

        • Fluffy the destroyer

          …..I have ten thousand points of orks and have been playing them for three years. I’m not a ‘troll’. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to orks and in my opinion, they get a bad rap. They’re far from top tier, certainly, but they are far from unplayable aswell. Just because someone has a differing opinion to the one most commonly spouted on internet comment threads, doesn’t make them a ‘troll’. Also doesn’t mean you have to instantly become rude the moment someone does disagree with you.

          • If you put 10K of Orks on the table, you’re obviously going to win every time.

            Primarily because the table will collapse.

          • Zack Seiders

            Orks just don’t have anything that is TRUELY broken. Alot of fun units sure but nothing that is op like a wraith knight.

          • Fluffy the destroyer

            Is that so? you should see what a certain prophet of the waaagh can do in the orkurion

          • Zack Seiders

            2+ invulnerable as well as making all the orks fearless I think. Although to be fair most of the orkurion is pretty much in the F.U.N category than anything else “and if you do not want to invest that much in boys for the mandatory formation then you can get another formation that I forget what It has but handy.

          • Fluffy the destroyer

            army wide fearless, 2+ invun, everyone can run and charge in the same turn, and if they’re in mega armour they can run even though they have slow and purposeful. and if you aren’t bringing that many units of boyz as it is….you can’t exactly call your army a waaagh can you

        • Shawn

          Orks do die in massed combat, but there should be enough of them, that casualties aren’t really a concern. They’ll still chew threw any unit they come across that isn’t monstrous.

      • Alienerd the unbannable

        And no flavour to the most over the top race.

      • Matt Mo

        No invulnerable saves, lack of high S ranged weapons, SERIOUSLY over costed LoW, aging minis line, best unit in codex is 18 points but costs over $50 USD, orcurion is terrible, mob rule turns your army into a bunch of idiots that kill each other and run away

    • konradl

      The funny thing is, all problems with current ork codex and supplements could be solved by making the “start collecting!” Painmob formation a core choice for the Orkurion.

    • GW don’t now and really never have cared about balance. Look at their FAQs, they view the game as a social contract between two people to have fun. If you can’t have fun with the current rules (and as a CSM player I don’t get it, I play with them and they are more difficult, but nothing compared to playing DE or Tau in 5th edition, armies that went almost a decade without updates) then try out ways to make the game feel more fair.

      • Fluffy the destroyer

        I agree with the CSM bit especially. Yeah I lose with them often but i always have fun while doing it. Hell my last game, my army may have fell apart, but my chaos lord alone killed 4 thunderwolves, 8 wolf guard terminators, a rune priest and an imperial knight single handed, and survived.
        Awesome moments like that always make the game for me

        • Shiwan8

          Some of us have this attitude problem that is the psychological need to be on roughly equal footing with the opposing player. Tight games are good games. Face stompers are just boring.

          • Fluffy the destroyer

            Fair enough 😛 each to their own. Everyone enjoys it for their own reasons afterall

          • Shiwan8

            At the moment the people who share this previously mentioned attitude problem with me are not enjoying it.

          • nurglitch

            Sure, but as you mention it’s your shared attitude problem, and not the game.

          • Shiwan8

            True. Every good game however is in line with that attitude problem, not directly at odds with it like 40k.

        • Brettila

          How, exactly?

        • nurglitch

          The new Black Legion rules are really fun because they throw an interesting new variable into target priority.

  • MaxisLithium

    I hope they don’t end up being a cramped, poorly executed book like Harlequins. I really hope they feel more functional, even if they have only limited model and unit selections.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      think the knight book, one model (space marine in power armour) repeated 10 times
      space marine with axe
      space marine with chainsword
      space marine with bike

      • Drpx

        Then four months later 8th drops and we get another, more complete book to buy.

        • ILikeToColourRed

          you mean a footnote in the main rulebook (aka codex: space marines

  • jasonsation

    Weird they didn’t have a plan to release these codexes simultaneously with the release of the game to get even more people buying the game.

  • euansmith

    Darn, I was hoping for Codex: Grav Centurions; all Grav, all Centurions, all the time.

    • manouel35


    • ZeeLobby

      Codex: Big D

  • Kritarion

    Genestealers getting a new codex? Nice. And if you are at it, maaaaybe a new codex for that other army you have been neglecting for a long time, GW….?

    • UrFrndJenn


  • Shiwan8

    Ah. Let’s not make the dexes that need new versions. In stead let’s make 2 totally insignificant ones.

    • Skathrex

      I think as a Chaos Player we can pretty much settle that the rumours from last year where true, and that the next CSM Codex will come summer 2017.
      The wait sucks I know, but I basically got the mindset know of not complaining but eagerly waiting and saying “Just one more year”

      • Shiwan8

        Oh, I’m fine with that. If the level of quality (they have managed to achieve with CSM material since present codex was released) persists the next codex might as well never come. Actually they could just kill the faction and no-one would really notice.

        FW is doing what GW should be doing at the moment so I’m using their stuff. 30k legions are more CSM than present CSM can ever be, which is pretty sad since they are not very CSMish unless you play WB exclusively.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I think that became the Mantra of the Chicago Cubs for the last hundred years…

    • One Post

      You mean Sisters of Battle?

      • Shiwan8

        Among other things.

    • I’ve been wanting a proper way to field customized Deathwatch since… 4th? Nevermind Genestealer Cults. Sternguard did the job for a while, but DW need more flexibility than that.

      • Shiwan8

        That’s fine. Can this challenge eldar and newmarines? If not it’s not a proper way to field them.

        • Zack Seiders

          Long as we have a death watch formation that is actually good. “I know a death watch works as a team but stuffing a biker in a foot squad is a BIG no no” I don’t know allow us the players to customize our death watch chumps to fulfill a certain roll “don’t care if they have to rip a couple pages from the death watch rpg at fantasy flight but using this would be a good indicator for ideas”.

          • Shiwan8

            I agree.

  • Fexxo

    BREAKING NEWS, more Space Marines. For a group that is so rare to behold it doesn’t seem like it with all these Codex’s.

  • J Mad

    I cant wait for GSC codex honestly

  • Maurice Adler

    And I’m sitting here waiting for tzeentch… 🙁

  • Tox

    Please bring me back my first army. For the Four Armed Emperor!!!

  • Crablezworth

    “These books were not originally part of the GW strategic plan but were pushed into production quickly both to capitalize on the success of Deathwatch Overkill… AND… to shore up finances in the face of a toughening fiscal environment for the company.” Inspiring stuff… I in no way infer from that another set of half baked mini dex factions that are useless as actual stand alone factions.

    • J Mad

      If this was true “was pushed” then Why hasnt there been a CSM book with “chapter tactics” for each God like the SM book?

      I think this would push sales more than most things ATM.

  • No Body


    • manouel35

      you kill me XD

  • Randy Randalman

    I love how little the Internet understands about finances. Releases for all 52 weeks of the year, opening social networking and communication avenues, a billion FAQ’s and board games, producing and licensing all of that video game content, releasing products to general stores, and turning up for tournaments and cons all costs a lot of money. AoS sales will steadily slide up with the points system in place too.

    Now if only they would have maintained their 40k codex schedule. Literally every codex would be updated by now.

    • Well, good thing GW saved a lot by closing their social media down for a couple of years after bad PR over Spot. Only now they are actually doing FAQs and social media again, slowly.

      I am also unconvinced that maintaining a presence at events, cons and tournaments is a money sink and not easily earning the expenses back on the floor. Well, I guess it doesn’t if all you have is a display case of Age of Sigmar, with nobody to present the game and sell the product…

  • Brett Thompson

    Wow I was expecting to hear the new codexes are Eldar and Space Marines! So disappointing…

  • Charles Roesner

    I love to see the new Death Watch and Genestealer codex actually being a thing. I do hope they update the others soon, those being Nids, CSM, BA, and Orks. Orks got a terrible supplement this year but they could use some more synergy in the main army book.

  • memitchell

    Intriguing to speculate if the GS Cult will be fully fleshed out. If it gets anything new. Is just an ally of Tyranids. Or, draws from AM for “converted” humans. Or, goes in a different (industrial?) direction.

  • NagaBaboon

    Question is will it be a proper codex with a big model release or a ‘supplement’ style release like harlequins.

    • Nonparity

      If the GSC codex is more of a supplement, it will be a supplement to what if its Allied of convenience with the Nids? Pretty sure it will be a full line of model (like Skiitari and Admech).

  • Ross Gustafson

    Not good marines… just marines picked from the hodge podge of chapters… so boring.

    At least genestealer cult could be interesting. I like more Xenos because I am a heretic! Possibly an infected heretic.

    Seriously though we need Kroot Mercenaries (KRROOOOTTT!!!), and a proper Adeptus Mechanicus book. And an upgraded Grey Knight book with some more models. At least those marines are fairly different and full of psychic goodness.

    • memitchell

      C’mon, Man! Who really wants a Kroot Mercenary codex?

      • Ross Gustafson

        Anybody who played 3rd edition. It was really cool. This everyone infiltrating army with a ton of of attacks that can get into close combat first round and eat people. Kroot were so cool. They even had their own Battlefleet Gothic ship.

        • memitchell

          I played 3E, never saw much Kroot. I like’m, but I hate Tau, they belong in a different game Universe. Anyway, your description of Kroot sounds like my beloved Genestealer Cult. So they can’t be all bad. I don’t question your reasoning. I just think you might be a little lonely at the Kroot conventions.

          • Ross Gustafson

            They were kind of like Native Americans and Comanche riders. It was a neat and different army. There were rumors at the beginning of 2015 of their return and there were models and a codex in the works but nothing came of it.

            This was their 3rd edition rules from White Dwarf. They needed more than one box and a couple of blisters. Their vultures and upgrades were neat.


          • memitchell

            Cool! Thanks.


  • Painjunky

    CSM and DE!!!!
    More muhreens and some bugs for them to kill. Screw those CSM, DE, ork, SoB and nid losers.
    They don’t spend all their cash on these old, weak, half assed armies so they don’t deserve a new dex. WTG GW!

    • UrFrndJenn

      Genestealer cults would be huge for nid players. It would finally give them an ally that’s not CTA

  • Phantius Fawl

    What happend with the combined Admech Codex? Is that coming anytime soon?

    • DeadlyYellow

      Wasn’t that just an LE that had both codices in a box?

  • Satyan Patel

    We really could have used a new Sisters codex and new models, and heck a battle box.

  • Shiwan8

    Mark my words. If GSC ever gets a codex it will be the same formation that WD had a while back. Nothing more.

  • I.P.Freely

    C.H.A.O.S … C.S.M… we want THIS

  • zeronyne

    “These books were not originally part of the GW strategic plan but were pushed into production quickly both to capitalize on the success of Deathwatch Overkill… AND… to shore up finances in the face of a toughening fiscal environment for the company.”

    Oh good. I’m sure they will be well-balanced and playtested like all of the actually planned codexes.

  • shirlzknight .

    Jeez whats with all the Marine hate? 🙂

  • bibotot

    We need that Supplement for Ork Freebooters as well as Feral Orks. The Orks are the most numerous species in the galaxy and they have one Codex and one Supplement. That is just rude.

    As for a new Codex, I would rather the Lost and the Damned, which are the equivalent of the Imperial Guards, only they serve Chaos. This is to prevent people from playing Traitor Guards. Just use the right Codex.