PP: Lock & Load 2016 – The First Wave!

Big Blue

BoLS’ own Roving Reporter Jordan “Revenant” B. is on the scene! Come see the latest from Lock & Load 2016!

Lock and Load 2016 Banner Lock and Load Pins Lock and Load Iron Gauntlet World Champ Lock and Load Faction Decks Lock and Load Plushies Lock and Load Prime Time Lock and Load Armies Lock and Load Statues Lock and Load Primal 3


There’s TONS of great stuff on display and the players are pilling in – We’ll be back with even more coverage, stories, surprises and of course more PICS! Stay tuned…

  • zeno666

    Are the miniatures to the left of the new rulebook the new sculpts for The Black 13?

    • oldgrue

      According to my shopping ninjas, yes.

      • Crevab


  • nurglitch

    A plush agonizer? Really?