AoS: The App Gets The General’s Handbook


The Age of Sigmar App now has access to the General’s Handbook – You can have all the points in your pocket!

The General’s Handbook is now available for purchase in the physical world and the digital realm as well. If you have the Age of Sigmar App from Games Workshop then you can purchase the full enhanced digital version from the App:

AoS App Screenshot

No, it’s not free. Sorry. But it’s still a great deal for an already great price! The Physical book is only $25 so saving $9 by purchasing it from the FREE App is a pretty great deal. Having easy access to all the points and rules from the General’s Handbook in your phone or iPad is really handy.

pics via Spikey Bits

Age of sigmar app screen 2

Not only does owning the full book give you all access to all the points and info in the General’s Handbook you also get an update to the app that displays the points in the “profiles” section.

age of sigmar App screen1 age of sigmar app screen 3

At this time, we haven’t found an option to add up points automatically, set unit sizes or set max army sizes…yet. Maybe those features are coming or perhaps we just haven’t poked around enough in the app to see them. Regardless, I still really like having access to every armies points via my phone/iPad. That’s one less book I’ll have to bring with me on game night – plus I can look like I’m working on my phone when I’m really messing with lists. Hey – I know I’m not the only one!

I am really liking the digital products GW has been putting out for AoS lately. I hope that 40k gets the same treatment eventually, but it’s also a lot longer in the product cycle and has a lot more stuff to try and cram in an app than AoS at the moment. I’m still hoping for it – I’m just not going to hold my breath waiting.

Oh, since we’re already talking about the App I would also like to mention that those FAQs from earlier are also available to down for free as well. They are in the same section as the new General’s Handbook is also. Books -> Gaming Aids -> Scroll down. Happy gaming!


Points for AoS in The App – What’s not to like!?

  • chorne

    My problem is, I pre-ordered the enhanced iBooks version because I didn’t known an in app version was going to be available. There is no way to import that purchase into the AOS App though so, I have all the data but not linked. Kinda sucks as I would have bought it in app had I known.

    • matty199

      I am asking for a

  • Sheriff 0f Nottingham

    I bought the paperback and I would buy it in the app again if:
    a) the app wouldn’t constantly crash on Android lately
    b) there would be a proper army building tool (adding up points, validating battlelines, artifacts; send sheet to wifi/bluetooth printer etc.)

    • Davor Mackovic

      One review said it was horrible to read on Android.

      • Aezeal

        Yes it often takes ages to load pages… this seems completely at random.. even scrolls in the my battle thing which I’ve been reading a few times just before can decide to just not show.
        The app is nice.. but not very reliable atm.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, I think I’ll go with hard copy for now. Thanks for the heads up to all!

          • Aezeal

            I just don’t want to pay for anything digital.. so when I buy paper I’d like to get digital free…. cheap.. that is me 😀

    • rtheom

      Oh good, I was worried this was just my phone.

      Also somewhat disappointing that not all of the Warscrolls are even on there yet. Try Thundertusk and you get “Not yet available”. I’m sure there are many more.

      This is kinda how things are these days though. You release your product 25% finished and just slowly update it over the next year into something that’s actually usable.

  • Davor Mackovic

    I would buy this if there was an army builder in the App. Since there is no Army Builder or what ever you want to call it, it’s a no buy for me until it gets one.

    Back to the old way of doing it, paper and pencil. 🙂

    • Aezeal

      But you can do paper and pencil while reading from the app…

  • Voltron

    Another good step for GW. I like the idea of getting codes for digital copies of the various rule books when bought in hardback. It would be immensely convenient.

    I’m hoping BattleScribe adds AoS content if GW doesn’t put a decent army-builder in the app.

    • Aezeal

      Personally I think you should get a voucher for the app content when you buy the paper stuff (I think some battalion scrolls work like that right?)

      • Voltron

        I do believe so. It would be an easy way for GW to add some more value to their books. Their retail price on hardbacks is pretty brutal, but having the digital version included would increase bang for the buck.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        WotC considered doing something like this for D&D 4E (which had lots of online tools) but decided against it because the threat of people stealing codes and returning books was too high.

  • ZeeLobby

    This is pretty cool. I hope it’s better than their force org stuff in iBooks. I guess this is also a lot simpler than 40K options.

  • Hell, that was too good a deal, done and done.

  • Gordon Birchmore

    Every update they do the Android app gets worse and worse. I liked the original now it’s garbage. I need to find a way to get refunded for my in app purchases.

  • Wtyn

    The Android app is pretty bad now. They use some sort of (presumably) pdf reader and store the warscrolls, rules etc as pdfs, then the app loads them when you click on the scroll. Trouble is that sometimes it doesn’t, and you just get a black screen that never loads, go back, try again, eventually get it. Massive pain in the butt in the middle of a battle. I can see that them having a central repository of pdfs they can individually update and send out to the apps is good for the updating, but it makes for an awful user experience.

    I bought the book version of generals handbook so have zero plans to hand over more money to see the same information on their ‘free rules’ app, especially as it will have the same loading issues as everything else, will be a trial to read through on Android.

    I think the app is an awful shame as it wouldn’t take a huge amount of work to make it really useful. The My Battle should be a cheat sheet with at-a-glance values for move, saves etc, and then you click into the units as necessary for special abilities. Meanwhile its just a DLC price grab on the rules, yes I can play a friendly battle with no extra rules, but they are forcing serious players to pay again and again to actually see the extra rules they might want to use or might be playing against, and then bring out masses of them forcing constant spending if you want to know what your enemies army might be able to do.

  • Xodis

    I’m glad they are trying to support the app, but they need a little more communication and a little more support and functionality IMO.
    Ill stick to paper versions for now, maybe Im just set in my ways.