GF9: Ferengi Alliances Await You


The Ferengi are joining the struggle for power in Star Trek: Ascendancy!

Gale Force 9 just announced the Ferengi expansion pack for this Fall’s Star Trek ascendancy. This is the second of the add-on races for the game coming fast on the heels of the Cardassians.


Like the Cardassian expansion pack just announced, the Ferengi pack adds all the tokens, and cards needed to add the new faction to the game, along with new racial abilities and restrictions like:

Profit Over Profundity: The Ferengi may never build Culture nodes. Ferengi never add their Ascendancy level to Hegemony attempts.

Only Latinum Lasts: During your build phase, the Ferengi may buy culture for 5 Production Each. The Ferengi may build Production Nodes on any available spot, regardless of Capacity type.


~Look for more Star Trek Ascendancy coverage in the days ahead.

  • euansmith

    Ferengi as a faction? Profit!