40K: Amazing Eldar Banshee Cosplay

Dawn-Of-War-III eldar

Dawn of War III comes to life – stop what you’re doing and check this out!

Narga and Aoki are a talented Russian cosplay duo that design and create all of their own costumes. They recenly focused their attention on recreating the Banshee from Dawn of War III. The results are flat out awesome. This is some of the best 40k cosplay I’ve ever seen, and the photos are great.


The pair shared a behind the scenes of the shoot with Kira Mitenkova

… and a time lapse of the design process and making the costume.

You can see more of their creations on Deviant Art, Twitter, and Facebook. They also have a Patreon set up if you’d like to help them continue creating kick ass cosplay projects like this.


What do you think of this cosplay?

  • Deathwing

    Now that’s just… impressive

  • Joka

    10/10 would purge.

  • Xodis

    Yeah, this is an awesome Cosplay.

  • Graham Roden

    These cosplayers are phenomenal. Surely there’s scope for a 40k Live action movie now.

  • Bob

    I thought the whole thing was a digital rendering, not a woman in cosplay, that’s incredible!

    • Azhrarn

      A little photoshop here and there I’m sure, but this is indeed really well done costume work.

      • Coltcabunny

        A little too much photoshop. They’ve taken this too far into the uncanny valley that they’ve made a human being look like a rendering.

        • SYSTem050

          My thoughts exactly, not looked at the video but looking at the pictures I didn’t think “wow that’s an amazing costume” I thought “that cgi is pretty good”

          Unfortunately with all the photos hoping its undone all of the hard work in building a real costume

  • Davor Mackovic

    If she wasn’t pretty and skinny would it still be awesome?

    • AWarhammerPlayer

      I’d gouge my eyes out.

      • ZeeLobby


    • Xodis

      The armor would still be an amazing freaking Cosplay so yes.

      • ZeeLobby

        Jabba Da Banshee

        • DJ860

          I giggled aloud.

    • Deez

      Artistic talent comes in all shapes, looks, and sizes. If the base of ones talent relies solely on their appearance, then a sad state the human race has become.
      Regardless, these women put in a lot of time into this awesome costume, and they should be commended for it 🙂

    • Hrudian

      Dude, are you serious?

      Eldar/Banshees are supposed to be skinny and “pretty” so it totally fits.

      Of course it wouldn’t be awesome if it were a fat beardy dude in a banshee suit…

      • OldHat

        Don’t tempt me. I think the boob armor would look even better on me.

        • Ben

          Must…. Find … Bleach… For eyes….

    • rtheom

      I could care less about the pretty. My only problem with “skinny” would be that Banshees are “skinny” warriors and would need to be to survive in actual combat. A overweight banshee would just ruin the illusion. And this is true whenever an overweight person chooses to cosplay as a thin character. I could care less if they do it, but they don’t look like the character and thus ruin the illusion of their own cosplay.

      • Paulo Picolomini

        Right. I would never criticize an overweight cosplayer to their face (or online or anywhere they could find out about it). However, the reason that I myself don’t cosplay is that there aren’t any fat characters I want to dress up as. If I were thinner I would have more choices. I’m all for encouraging all body types to follow their dreams because I want everyone to be happy, even if I find the results personally unappealing.

        • Me

          I have often thought about putting on a good Master Chief costume and a chefs hat to go as Master Chief’s dumpy little brother Master Chef (I’m 5’7″ and 240 lbs).

          • CMAngelos

            There was a great Cosplay at one of the cons I went to of Master Chief, “Retired”. Was a heavy set guy wearing Grey Sweatpants, a faux dirty tanktop, and the Spartan 117 helmet with Stubble essentially taped on carrying around an (empty) 12pack case of “Coors-tana”.

      • Coltcabunny
        • rtheom

          You could have just said that instead of providing a link to an annoying video. But hey, I could care less how you go about carrying on with your online interactions. Their is nothing that I dont care less for. 😉

      • Emprah

        If you are fat, cosplay Cartman! Or Fat Bastard! Or Al Bundy’s mother in law!

    • OldHat

      It would be awesome, just less accurate to the fluff… or, maybe it would be more “fluffy”, amirite?!

    • Anggul

      It would be less character-accurate, but it would still be impressive craftsmanship.

    • Paulo Picolomini

      Correct. The artistry would still be awesome, but it would have been let down a bit by a poor follow-through if they had put me in that costume instead of a pretty thin lady.

    • vlad78

      Well if she wasn’t skinny, she couldn’t pretend to be an eldar.

      • John Grammaticus

        You’ve not met Helgar the morbidly obese banshee…watch out she’s charging you….her she comes! Wait for it….won’t be long now….seems to be struggling a bit there, oh she’s sat down……she doesn’t look too good, maybe someone should help her……..awkward!

        • vlad78


    • Knight

      It would only give more reasons to PURGE THE XENO!

    • DJ860

      Not for me no. Because it would destroy the illusion of it being an Eldar. I want to use a bit of my imagination but I don’t want to have to squint to think something is realistic.

  • ZeeLobby

    Eh. I look hotter.

    • CPENinja

      Are you on fire?

      • ZeeLobby

        Might as well be. I constantly surround myself with buckets of ice.

        • CPENinja

          Would you be opposed to being used as a permanent source of energy for a small but efficient powerplant?

          • ZeeLobby

            I would heat both homes and the minds of women. I’m a sharer!

    • Pics it or it didn’t happen 😉

      • ZeeLobby

        Already submitted to BoLS, but for SOME reason, they just won’t post them…

    • Jake

      uh yeah. im with uh BoLS just forward some samples to general.45@live.com and we wil feature you immidietly

      • ZeeLobby

        Sure ;D

  • Mike Salamandrin

    That would make an Archon cry tears of black blood

  • Defenestratus

    Don’t tell my wife but I’ve always had a thing for red heads…. with swords… and who are psychotic killers…. who are also screamers 😛

    • Paulo Picolomini

      That’s what cosplay is for. Tonight, you should go home and present your wife with a red wig, a big anime prop sword, and a script. Most wives would humor you if you present it in a properly respectful way. You really shouldn’t go to your grave without ticking this one off your bucket list. Trust me. I speak from experience.

      • Me

        You’re writing this from beyond the grave??


      • Defenestratus

        I’d likely get launched out the window for suggesting something like this 😛

        • Paulo Picolomini

          If that happens then you’ve been able to tick off the “psychotic killer” and “screamer” portion of your fantasy. That’s fifty percent. Not too shabby, everything considered.

          • Defenestratus

            I like the way you think.

        • lorieth

          Well if you don’t like that, you’ve got the wrong name. 😉

  • Davis Centis

    That is an incredible cosplay. Not just her looks, but the details are all bang on! I mean, the armour looks like it really WAS grown from bone, which is fantastically source-accurate, and looks STUNNING. Bravo to the designer, great job to the photographer, and if she’s not herself the designer, fantastic job to the model. Props all around!

  • Richard Mitchell

    I agree 10 out of 10.

  • JP

    This lady deserves to be PAID for work of that caliber.

  • Emprah

    Russians sure know how to cosplay, though its usually Admech.