40K RUMOR: Genestealer Cult Limo Returning


Another rumormonger chimes in with more info about the vehicles of the Genestealer Cult!

We’ve all been hoping that the Limo was coming back for the Genestealer cult and now we’ve got another rumormonger tossing their hat into the ring leading some more credence to the rumor that it is returning.

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Not really much too say tbh, the codex is made up of the things you saw in Overkill plus some new stuff like the “Limo.”


Limos have been a “thing” for the Genestealer Cult for a long, long time. As silly as it sounds to ride to battle in a limo it kind of adds to that creepy cult vibe in such a “good” way. Plus it will help differentiate them from just being “Astra Militarum with Genestealers” if the rumors are true about their armory access.

Now, personally, I’m not ruling out the “Limo” – I really hope it pans out. But I’m also looking at what else Game Workshop has teased as well:


If you remember the teaser video from a few days ago this was the vehicle that was shown off. It reminds me of a Taurox for sure.


Now is this just a “looted” Taurox with wheels or is it a new “Limo” kit? I think that there is plenty of room for BOTH kits. I mean, if the Genestealer Cult is getting access to Astra Militarum goodies then why NOT make another cool vehicle kit like a limo? Now the GC has a unique kit plus access to a kit that may or may not have been selling very well… Just tossing that out there. And it’s not like we haven’t ever seen players convert Imperial Vehicles over before:

genestealer-cult-chimeraRemember this blast from the past?

I’m genuinely hoping it’s an entirely new kit. I’m ALSO hoping we get some type of conversion kit for this “Wheeled Taurox” as well. Why? Because I really want to have my cake and eat it too. NOM NOM NOM!


To Limo or not to Limo, that is the question!

  • Samuraidino

    I don’t see the stealers get an actual offical “limo” kit as it’d likely clash something serious with the mining equipment/colony design that they’re going with…. but, I could see rules in the codex include a looted vehicle type rule so that you can convert your own genestealer limo from other kits.

    • Chet Atkinson

      Def something chunky and in keeping with the fluff I hope

  • Bryan Ruhe

    You’re not getting a stretch Cadillac, okay? Let it go. The mining vibe is so much more fitting and appealing anyhow.

    • Hot_Dog_Heretic

      Ugh thank you. That limo was just a conversion somone made. Why would a Lincoln or Cadillac belong on a battlefield? People are going overboard with the nostalgia factor.

      • GameOgre

        Because they’re a cult, not a military force, so they have to work with what they have or can steal?
        You do know there are battles in cities, on regular roads, yes?

        • Scott Markham

          Name any real cult that uses a limo to transport their gang. Yes battles occur in cities on regular roads, but why the frack would anyone choose a limo? Why not a garbage truck, an armored bank car, a school bus, or a semi? Your cult will be very short-lived in real life and on the tabletop.

          • CMAngelos

            You don’t know much about real life cults.. do you? Many of them have affluent leaders with the money and power to use things like limousines and things. It isn’t like a limo is exceptionally rare..

          • Scott Markham

            You might have missed the point because you don’t get out of your Mom’s basement much- the practicality of mutants using a limo to go into any battle is improbable and was originally intended as a funny addition to a GSC. How many multi-limbed monstrosities can honestly fit into any limo, either armed to the teeth or sporting their own natural weapons? And let’s see, the People’s Temple, the Mansons, the Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate…yeah we saw them running around in limos all the time (sarcasm). Keep drinking your Kool-Ade….

      • Morgrim

        I think people want it because it was so unique and iconic. Much like the Sister’s Exorcist, it is something you can point to and say “that. That is the sort of thing 40k is”. It captures the crazy-yet-someone-would-do-it over the top vibe.

    • Bryan Ruhe

      That said, I don’t have any problem at all with those that do want limos, nor would I mind seeing one on the tabletop – I’d probably think it was pretty cool. However it’s pretty clear that GW isn’t following that aesthetic for the cult reboot. *shrug*

      Keep playing games and keep having fun in your own way. 🙂

    • J Mad

      I actually like the Mining “vibe”MUCH better and I have greater hopes for this new GSC than the older type.

  • Seito Mohn

    Maybe some hovertype or so?
    In some stories (gaunts ghost) there were “antigrav” trains for mining or airvehicles in Eisenhorn.

  • Tossing my 2 bits, but from the picture I’d bet on a humvee-like vehicle, not a limo. probably some kind of mining truck “repurposed” for battle.

    • Haighus

      It looks like it could also a be a… “repossessed” Arbites-type vehicle. It has a kind of riot police look to it, or a WWII armoured car.

  • If they do make that truck, which seems highly likely to me, then it will look good as part of my sci-fi settlement terrain.

  • Paulo Picolomini

    I would give the Genestealer Cults access to Arbites riot control vehicles (which may just be what is in that picture). I could even see them stealing patrol cars, paddy wagons, fire trucks, and repurposing all kinds of civilian vehicles including the planetary governor’s armoured stretch limousine.

    • JPMcMillen

      Wasn’t that what the Repressor was for? It was listed as being used by both the SoB and the Arbites.

  • Horus84cmd

    The truck image almost looks like what the Ork Truck kit would look like if is hadn’t been orkified 🙂

  • generic eric

    I dunno guys. They have to make the limo kit; here is why. They are losing money and not protecting IP. Can’t wait for sneak peak of this codex!

  • Hot_Dog_Heretic

    Renegades and heretics rules for the mining mech and armored car plz. The mining aesthetic is really cool. I’d love to convert some of the level 3/4 hybrids into mining-themed renegadesl militia. I like the chaos cultists models from Dark Vengeance, but mining gear looks sharper than a hiver in rags. Cultists could be used to convert mutants or represent untrained bs2 humans.

    • Haighus

      Some of the DV cultists could also be used, as Squad leaders or the like perhaps- the Ad Mech styled ones especially would fit well with the mining vibe, as junior Mechanicus overseers corrupted along witht their charges.

  • NNextremNN
    • BenTheMan

      This is f..ing awesome! If anything thats the way to go…

      • NNextremNN

        You can get them here: http://wargameexclusive.com/product-category/heresy-hunters/ but it doesn’t has such a good score.

        • Ebsolom

          I bought their alternative Thousand Sons kit. The quality of the cast was great and it only took 5 days to arrive from Russia. Tempted to buy more from them.

          • NNextremNN

            The 1 review for this specific car says it doesn’t fit 28mm Heroic scale. But so do a lot of official GW Models. But I’m more tempted for Genestealer Kerrigane or some of the Tau Characters.

  • amaximus167

    “We’ve all been hoping that the Limo was coming back for the Genestealer cult…”

    No. No we haven’t. I have always hated that thing.

    • memitchell

      WHAT! You never played GSC with toy diecast cars representing limos? Yes, it was stupid. Yes, they were useless. And, yes, the entire concept was absurd. But, are we really going to question the early 1990’s idea that the epitomy of evil in the Universe was a fat cat, blinged out, Robber Baron Capitalists Patriarch in a Limousine, surrounded by fawning sycophants?

      Hey, why does that seem so current and familiar to me as an American in this election cycle?

      • amaximus167

        Hahahaha, I will not argue the symbolism at all! You’re 100% correct.

      • cuda1179

        Come on, the Patriach doesn’t faint and go rag-doll while waiting for his limo.

        • memitchell

          He promises to make the Cult great again. Believe me.

          • georgelabour

            And will blame the start of the rebellion on some form of picfeed posted over the local noospehere right?

    • Chet Atkinson

      If we have the limo the next thing will be the magus in the back seat in a cloud of marijuana smoke a la Big Willie in Predator 2

      • amaximus167

        HA! Totally, mahn.

  • Sam Nolton

    It’s clearly not a limo in that art…and it’s very likely not going to be called one, either, since the cult has taken an official “mining world” industrial vibe.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    I would say a new kit, seeing as the cults vehicle has a boxy rear, the cab is a cylindrical, the engine is located under it, and the front and rear wheels extend farther than the main body

  • MClay01

    The taurox in the photo looks much better with than the quad track version…at least the drawing concept.

  • Bredkooler

    Come on! Show us some pics already! I’ve read these same “rumors” across like 5 different posts already!

  • Chet Atkinson

    It’s massively tedious how this silly limo debate keeps trundling on. The limo is a) stupid, b) impractical and c) going to be replaced by better looking vehicle in the teaser. I was half expecting a taurox/chimera kit with ‘upgrade’ sprue considering they are supposed to infiltrate the imperium hence have their kit

    • SupPupPup

      limo is best.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Cults usually operate in hives and cities, and by converting those in power. Thus having armored limos to ferry them around undetected (because no one save an Inquisitor is going to stop a Governor’s limo) both makes perfect sense to the fluff AND adds a unique look to the army no one else has. Not everything needs to be military!

  • Iconoc1ast

    Father likes to ride in the truck….

  • Iconoc1ast

    The new vehicle that is pictured looks like the Taurox had a baby with the M577 from aliens…..

  • georgelabour


    Maybe we’re going to get an ‘upgrade’ sprue for the taurox that’ll let it become a new pattern that resembles the one in the picture above.

    We know some Astra Militarum stuff is going to end up there, and GW has shown a willingness to add extra sprues into extant models in order to offer new variants.

    Though this all assumes the current Taurox box has room for another sprue as the only other things that they tend to change is the box art.

    Oh, and of course it’d also give us a wheeled option for those lovely nerdrage inducing treads.

    • OldHat

      I am expecting a re-pack Taurox with a fresh sprue to make it a variant (as in the drawing). Glad I am not alone in my theory!

  • GiftoftheMagi

    I posted this as a reply to someone but it bears repeating:

    Cults usually operate in hives and cities, and by converting those in power. Thus having armored limos to ferry them around undetected (because no one save an Inquisitor is going to stop a Governor’s limo) both makes perfect sense to the fluff AND adds a unique look to the army no one else has. Not everything needs to be military!

    Now if they make a multi-kit that allows for the limo and a Taurox-like armored truck, I would be happy with that. Just allowing the option of the limo will make older players happy with the company and build on the goodwill they have been getting with Duncan’s painting series and the release of the new Deathwatch line. Plus you have that unique appeal no other army has, and maybe even some cross-army purchases for the sake of conversion (If the limo is nice enough, I may make a Harlequin-converted one just for kicks).

    • David Leimbach

      Exactly. This isn’t an army that is going from planet to planet drop shipping limos into battle. This is an army that has infiltrated and taken over a city or planet and armed itself with whatever it can find. Fluff wise this army will be holding a city waiting for tyranid invasion and meanwhile gets into a battle. In most cases this army will be doing some kind of defensive action and it’s leadership would look fine to be caught in their armored limos.

      • memitchell

        That’s a limited view of operations. Once activated, there is no reason for the GSC to be strictly defensive. They may have already infiltrated military units and facilities. They could use use that insider disruption and corruption to attack the loyalist organizations and infrastructure. In for a penny, in for a pound. Rebellions that rest on their laurels get crushed. Besides, they may have no idea there is a pending Tyranid Invasion. That “Ascension” stuff in the trailer is neat, but new (I think).

        • GiftoftheMagi

          We are also forgetting the BEGINNING of the rebellion too. When the first uprisings start, when the cults begin their attacks. When the PDF and whatever else the world has only has rumors and suddenly that official’s limo dumps a full squad of Stealers RIGHT INTO THE COMMAND BUNKER.

          There are many stages to a Cult Uprising. Holding the planet until the Hive Fleet shows up is only the second to last one. And thus many MANY possible scenarios to play.

          And besides, I personally like to see it happen on a Tau world. heheheheheh.

  • Marco Paroli

    I hope limo from GW. But at contrary can have the Wargame Exclusive option,

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I hope this is the open topped transport CSM needs, if they get to borrow it.

    • memitchell

      Psst…This ain’t about Chaos. It’s just not.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Its common for GW to make vehicle kits work across factions.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Hard to be sure but the vehicle pictured seems more like it’s an Arbites riot team sent to suppress the uprising rather Genestealer cultists joy riding.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    This is just me spitballing but…how about this: You make a kit where you could make the vehicle more of an armored car, official’s transport to represent the beginning of the uprising, to reflect the covert nature of the Cult. Then you have a more kitbashed, stripped down and upgunned version for the later stages, when stealth is no longer an issue.